This is the first day...



In a very, VERY, long time that I actually did not work. I didn’t fret over upcoming work, I didn’t pull fabrics or take photos for ‘work’, I didn’t reply to business PM’s - save for 2 which were just “thank-you” messages, so a quick 30 second reply and out of my inbox. I didn’t deal with any customs, didn’t sneak in any work, etc... and you know what, i’m having a really nice, relaxing, stress-free day. It has been much needed.

I decided to work on a project for my DailyLike Canada gig today. I have such beautiful fabrics from them and I’ve been waiting to be inspired for a new project and today was the day! I went through my patterns and found this adorable *Tiny Log Cabin* paper piecing block, so I printed out a few pages, cut my fabrics and started sewing! 



In between sewing I stopped to watch a “Fashion Show”, Mya had one of her best friends over and we had 2 huge garbage bags FULL of clothes for her as she’s shorter & younger than Mya, but still slim, so every time Mya outgrows something, it goes right to Miss A! And she absolutely loves receiving clothes from Mya so it’s a win/win! They wanted to show me all her new outfits, so they put on a little show for me. They are so cute I swear! LOL!! 

I also decided not to cook today because it’s crazy hot, I had nothing planned, and Dominoes has a 50% off deal. So, I ordered in pizza for Dh & the kids and gave myself a break from cooking. One of my most dreaded tasks... lol! A cook I am not, this trait was definitely passed onto the men on my side of the family. 

After everyone ate I ran back downstairs to finish up my coaster set! They turned out absolutely adorable and i’ll share photos tomorrow! Today you only get this little sneak peek! By the way, isn’t this mug absolutely awesome!!?? A customer who has turned into a friend gifted it to me when we met not long ago! She gets me... hahahaha!! 

Tomorrow at 9:00 am sharp, i’ll be refreshed and ready for another day of pulling fabrics, replying to PM’s, getting stuff ready to mail, so on and so forth. Then at 5pm again, i’ll turn off notifications until 9:00am the next morning again and give myself a break from my “hustle”. This may seem like no biggie to some, but to me, it’s a huge step in reclaiming my sanity and setting boundaries for myself and others. 

On that note, i’m going to go clean my sewing room for tomorrow, finish up my sewing schedule for the week, I need to tidy the kitchen, figure out my dinner (no pizza for me - food allergies) and then head outside read a few chapters of my book (The Invention of Wings) in the sunshine before the sun sets! 

Enjoy your evening everyone!