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Pam MacCollum

Okie Dokie! Let's do this!!


Awesome!! Thanks for joining in!! :)

Amy Sampson

I am soooo in this!

After reviewing the challenges that we did in February and March earlier this year, I was trying to figure out how to get another one of these going in my life. You've definitely helped me with that :D


Thanks for joining, Amy! I'm working out the challenges for January now! Should be a productive month I hope!!


I will be joining and will post it on my blog later today.


Count me in Girl !


Yep, I'll be doing this again! I'll probably just scale my goals down a little from last year, because I totally burned out on the decluttering front last time (it made a huge difference though!)

Peppylady (Dora)

Sound like an interesting challenge....I heard of interesting challenge also...That I might try in January.
So I'll let you on my personal challenge for buying food....I Thought I would put my self to a personal challenge. Here in the United States they have a program called (S.N.A.P) or at one time known as food stamps which help the low income purchase food.
For the month of January Murphy and I are going to buy our food as will would be getting the full benefit of two people which is $367 dollars.
Out of this $367 I can't purchase such things as toilet paper, tooth paste, medication, deli foods, bakery foods, alcohol or cigarettes. But snap one can purchases candy, soda pop, tv dinner if you don't use the store microwave.

The other question can one or a family eat nutritional on the snap program or not.

I”ll be posting this some time after Christmas with Links....I'll try blog about your as part as photo hunt on Saturday.
Not sure what challenge I'll do but I'll give it a whirl


I am all in, I have 2 area's that need some decluttering. Spending has been way too much for us, time to get back on track!! Thanks for hosting this I will try to post the challenge on my blog tomorrow


Finally got my challenge posted!

Unabashedly Ashley

I have some areas that need some organization but I honestly don't have much to get rid of after our huge purge in the summer before our move across Canada. My January plans are up in the air right now so I'll have to think if I can commit. Looks fun though. Good luck to everyone on achieving your goals!

Laura / No More Spending

I'm in for both this time - I was planning a no spend January anyway so this challenge has come at the right time :)


Hi. I am new in this!!
In for both.
Dorte from Denmark.


I don't get home from our trip until the 3rd. May I start then? :>) Please?


Can I join in, unofficially, because I don't have a blog? It sounds like fun and a great way to start off 2013


Sounds like a challenge for sure! I'm going through the budget now, and I'm not sure what January will be but I will be having my own little personal savings challenge so a No/Low Spend may be exactly what I need! :)!


Thanks Kat!!:)


Consider yourself "counted"! lol!


Awesome!! Yes, definitely don't overwhelm yourself as there will be mini challenges throughout the month as well!!


I had no idea that you couldn't buy fresh food on SNAP.. that's insane!! Alcohol/cigarettes, I get... but bakery and deli items!? Crazy!!


Awesome, Debby!! I feel your pain.. the last couple of months have been soo expensive for us!


Yay!! I still need to post mine, so no worries!!


That's great though!! Wish I didn't have enough "stuff" to participate... haha!!!


Yay! Thanks for joining in, Laura! :)


Wonderful! Thanks for joining in! :)


Absolutely!! :)


You can join in, officially my friend! :) I'm hoping it kicks off the New Year in the right direction!


Sounds good, Sharon! :) I think January is the BEST month for something like this... :)


Hi again. I can't send you a private mail?? ( Don't know why..) can "only"write hear. I am a mother of 4,going/planning to quit my job this summer,very inspiret by your blog . For the last 6 month -totally No spending,decluttering a lot.. Now I do a bugget with cash-money in envelopes .
My goal for january is to safe All of my salery to see if it is possible for us to live "only" of my husbonds salery...
I don't have a blog.
Have a very great christmas;)
Dorte from Denmark




Can you join if you don't have a blog?


Yes, you can. :) You'll just need to check in and with the decluttering challenge perhaps photo's could be emailed to me? :)


I received your email & replied! :)

Hawaii Planner

I'm in! Just posted in your linky & added the challenge to my blog. looking forward to it!


I think I'm signing up for both challenges! I'll post and link to it on my blog this weekend!


Thank you for hosting this challenge. It's not even the end of Dec and I'm already excited for January to begin and to begin these challenges.

BTW Carla, thank you for posting your instructions for the mug rug. I have gathered together all the needed items, however, can't get to it until after the 26th. But I am so looking forward to putting it all together then. 0:)

Peppylady (Dora)

Question...for those who don't have a blog are they any way they could do it though face book

Peppylady (Dora)

If I made it sound like one can't buy fresh food using snap program I'm sorry...one can buy fresh food along with soda pop.


Wonderful!! Thanks so much for joining in!


Thanks for joining in! Looking forward to reading your goals!!


Me too! I'm hoping for a great start to the new year! :) I'm so glad you'll be able to use my mug rug tutorial, please link me up after if you post your finished product!!


Yes, that's a great idea!! If you don't blog either posting pics on Facebook & linking me up to the posts or Emailing me each week will be fine... :)

Lena at OnMySideoftheWorld

Oh, I'm so in!


Well the decluttering one is easy, as I am determined to sort out the old basement once and for all.

As for the financial one, I NEED to build up our savings account, as it has takena huge hit over this last month or two, so yep, I am in on both counts it looks like!!!



I am glad to be able to enter into the challenge even though I don't have a blog. So here goes

- no eating out for the month
- I am trying to clean out my freezers (fridge and a 3.5 cubit foot) so trying not to spend any money whatsoever on food.

This is hard because when my mom was here we decluttered and rearranged the basement, my craft supplies and some of the kitchen. So my challenge is
- finish decluttering the kitchen/pantry area and make a pantry list
- go through my clothes and get rid of things I don't wear/stained etc
- go though my tea towels and dischcloths and get rid of the gross ones, I am also crochetting new dishcloths to replace these so no money spent

I am looking forward to this


That's my plan, to post pics of the finished. Looking forward to getting started!


Hi Carla! I'm definitely in for both! Desperately needed. Happy Holidays to you & the family. xx


This is exactly what we have been talking about doing around here on the farm. Having others in the same motivation will really help. Can't wait to see what you have planned on the fincial end.


Count me in. I'll post about it tomorrow.


Spoke too soon...I cannot link up. Here is my link http://givemyselfaraise.wordpress.com/2012/12/24/january-challenge/


Figured it out! :)


I put the wrong link up on your linky tool the first time (put general link rather than challenge specific link). I tried using the linky removal tool to get rid of the first link, but it didn't work for me. Just giving you a heads up, because I'm not sure if it buggers anything on your end :(


sounds like a great idea Carla, I'm in and will post later this week on my blog. hope you have a lovely Christmas


Finally got home and linked up! I am looking forward to this challenge!


I finally joined one of your challenges. I am very excited. Thank you for doing this to get me moving!


I like your suggestion and I am ready to participate in this challenge.


My goals for the challenge Carla:


Great Idea I have a spare room I want to de clutter. And a freezer and a food cupboard I want to empty so my aim for the rest of December and all of January will be no shopping,except for milk and bread.


I am excited! Here are my goals.



I wasn't sure if we'd be up to the challenge, but we've decided to give it a go! Thanks for hosting, Carla! Our goals are here:


It's me, Sam

Hey Carla, I'll be posting later on today on my goals...

Amber Simpson

Hello Carla :)
I'll be posting and linking you up tomorrow :) Can't wait to start my goals.


Carla, I messed up the mr linky link sorry, heres my post link: http://www.myjourneytoeliminatedebt.com/january-challenges.html

It's me, Sam

Carla I hope this link works!


I've joined too. I already had a Shopping Ban for 2013 as a goal so adding the decluttering is a great second goal for me. I can't wait to get started! :)

Miss Jessie

Just put up my goals! Hopefully I can stick with them!


Sounds interesting. I'll give it a go!


Okay -- I'm in!
My budget goal will be to have only 2 spend days in January (tied to paydays)
My de-cluttering areas will be my closet & my living room.


Ok I am in....finally got my post put up :) Here is to a good start to 2013!



Just linked up!! Can't wait to get started!!!

In Debt (Rae)

I just linked up too!

Vivian Kirkfield

Hi Carla!
What a lovely challenge...so perfect to help everyone get off on the right foot for the new year.:)
I'm joining in...discovered you at Jenn at Toy Box Years. It's just what I have been looking for to balance the other challenges I am undertaking.
Today is the first official day of my retirement...so, as you can imagine, clearing out years of clutter and watching our budget are important tasks for me right now.
I will be away until Jan 12...visiting my kids/grandkids in Chicago and NH...but I hope to be able to have a computer at least some of the time and will try to check in.

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