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Gush Away!!! I think you are doing AMAZING!!! And it probably feels pretty darn good :))


Thank-you!! :) It really does!!


I haven't done well on either the financial or declutter challenge but I have written them all down and will work on them until they are done. You have every right to gush, both you and dh work very hard managing your money and be aware where it is going. Good Job!!!!


You're inspiring, you know that? Just awesome.

I know you already saw it, but here's the outcome from last week:

You've basically given me a free week, which you have no idea how much I needed it! I cleaned my fridge and pantry this past week, and given that my spending goal is $0 for the rest of the month, I don't have much in terms of a budget to cut! My focus is going straight to my basement. That was my big goal, and I really do need the time to work on it because this week is going to be super busy!


Pat yourself on the back Carla. I remember reading how financially draining your December was. You have done a very admirable job of creating and sticking to your goals in January.

I'm liking the challenge for this week. :)

Here's my update.....http://simplicityfrugalityretirement.blogspot.ca/

Hawaii Planner

You're doing awesome, & that's always worth a gush. If nothing else, it motivates the rest of us, & you can always read over your old posts later to remember the good times as well as the challenges. Gush away!

Here's my most recent update/progress. http://thehawaiiplan.blogspot.com/2013/01/january-challenges-week-3.html


You should shout how great you are doing from the rooftops! You really are an inspiration and motivation to me. Financially we are doing ok. I have not spent as much as normal on groceries AND best of all because of my low-spend I was able to put 100$ in the emergency fund. Might not sounds like a lot but it is more than has gone in it in the last year. I hope that I will be able to sock away another 100$ at the end of the month. I also discovered something that will save us money. Our hot water runs off our oil furnace, which sucks BUT I discovered I can shut the oil furnace off when I am running the dishwasher. There is enough hot water in the tank that it does the job. No more unnecessary oil wastage! We have been using our wood stove to heat the house which has saved us a bundle on oil too.
Decluttering is not really going because of illness but I am getting some done, which is more than what I would usually do this time of the year.


Way to go on meeting your financial goals for the month!

And I think you can be given a pass on your storage space when it's 30 below zero. :)

Peppylady (Dora)

I felt like my week went well for the challenge...Coffee is on http://peppylady.blogspot.com/2013/01/i-can-see-were-making-head-way.html


well done on what you're achieving. Here is my post: http://thatbritishwoman.blogspot.ca/2013/01/catching-up-with-couple-of-things.html

Now to work on this weeks.



Awesome Carla!! You have definately got yourself a part time job with the sewing.

where the journey takes me

Wow you must be going through your house like a tornado! Hope that you don't mind me being a bit flexible with your set challenges - my 'closet' was a corner of the loft that houses the Christmas Decorations it was a great opportunity to de-clutter them before they go back in the loft.
My financial Giving had already taken place the week before. I did also give my younger daughter 3 pairs of boots and two sets of wooden craft drawers (which we could have easily used in our garage) but I reckon she needs them more than I do and she was delighted. She is at this moment organising her craft stuff in them. Here is the link to my Week 3 challenge
PS I love your recent iPad sleeves the colours are great together.


Good job as usual, Carla. Here is mine:


It's me, Sam


Got it done and more! It took me 15 minutes to tidy the closet and I have 7 things to donate...


I knew things would turn around for you! I remember all the expenses connected with being sick and missing work - I told you that it would work out, right? ;o)


You are rocking Jan challenge. What a wonderful way to start out the new year with your savings all fat and happy. Congrats on a great month!!!! here is my last update on the challenge

Lena at OnMySideoftheWorld

Nice job on savings this month! Let's hope, it will stay this way :) We are doing pretty good with our goals too. Here's my update: http://frugalandthankful.blogspot.com/2013/01/january-challenge-update-3.html

Thrifty Mom In Boise

Wow! I am so impressed and I'm sure you feel so good about it so gush! I would! Compared to how your month started out aren't you so proud?! Great job!!!!

Susan H. @ The Food Allergy Chronicles

Gush away! You inspire me to be thankful for what I have. I am always telling my boys, "Use what you know to solve that which you don't know." I will think of that as I peruse my pantry staples and deep freezer! :)

Eddie - The Usual Mayhem

Wow, Carla! Considering how your month started your savings are even more impressive!


Woot! Done and done

I'm volunteering all week so my give-back challenge just keeps on going. Declutter done - pictures taken - horrible at remembering the gear i need to get them posted.

Last challenges to come =)

Great job on your stuff! This cut down the budget thing will be a bit of an interesting thing.


Great job on your financial goals! I will not be making mine this month but that is okay because I have learned a lot in the process.

Here is my update:



Great job on all your goals - especially rebuilding the EF and building the slush fund - you are really doing great so gush away.

Btw - your new sewing creations are awesome looking - they tempt me to buy something else! LOL. Btw - cell phone cases adre perfect!


I honestly don't know how you do it, after I've paid my bills there is never any left to save or transfer to a slush fund.....I really must be doing something wrong :(


Thanks Clare! There's still time to improve January!! Don't give up! :)


*Blush* Thank-you, Cassie!! :) You did AWESOME last week! Uber impressed over here! :) I'm dreading my basement... *shudder*


Yes, our November/December were brutal expensive... its nice to have some savings built back up! Thank-you!! :)


Thank-you!! :) I feel bad going on and on... i'm just so happy and never thought i'd do so well!!


Thank-you, Stacey! It sounds like you're doing very well, especially with the grocery budget.. wow!! $100 is awesome, don't negate that!! We've had times when we could barely do that! Trust me!! ;) Glad you found a way to save on the oil!!


Thank Joanna! I will definitely take that pass.. haha!! But it does REALLY need done... :/


Good stuff! Thanks for checking in!!


Thanks Gill! :) You're doing well too!!!


Yes, it helps soo much!! :)


Hahaha... pretty much! ;)

Be as flexible as you like!! Sounds like you did wonderful this week! Thanks for checking in!


Thanks Cindy!! :)


Awesome!! :)


Awesome job!


Oh wise one... ;) lol!! Thanks!! Things always do work out in the end I know.... :)


Nothing better than a fat and happy piggy bank! lol!! Thanks for the update! :)


I sure hope so, Lena... but life does happen! ;) lol!! Thanks for updating!!


Thanks! I am pretty happy about it! :)


Thank-you, Susan! I have to remind myself of the same sometimes! lol!!


Thank-you! :)


Perfect!! :) That's wonderful with the volunteering!! Good stuff!


Learning the lessons is half the battle! We've done that too! Doesn't make it a "fail"... just life experience! :)


Thanks so much, Suzanne!! :) I'm so glad the phone cases are good! I was worried about yours with the case on it, i'm glad it worked out well though! Thanks for letting me know! Phew!!


Jackie... if you'd like to email me personally, i'd be happy to help you with your budget and see if there's anywhere you could perhaps cut back and work out a small savings plan. :)


Better late than never...here is my week three post!



Wow, Carla, that's spectacular!!! I'm impressed and motivated! We've done very well too on our financial goals, and have done some organizing, but still need to work on the de-cluttering. Maybe next month :-).


I did not get my closets done, but I did quietly give to those in need. I also cut my $100 grocery challenge down to $65 for the week.


I've emailed you Carla! :)

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