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Yup.. I was buying el cheapo laundry soap and the clothes just well, icky feeling. Back to Tide (the pods to be exact) for me. We have very hard water and I guess the cheap stuff couldn't handle it.


It was good that you tried them. Now you know. If they worked beautifully, then you could have switched to those. There are things I'm 'stuck' on, but lately I've been trying alternatives just to see. So far, some Aldi brands have come out on top for a lot less.

I happen to really like Finish too, but do you think the JetDry did all the work?


We use cheap(er) laundry detergent and have never had a problem thankfully... I think it definitely depends on your water & machine!


True enough... won't be buying them again though. lol!! We have no Aldi here... wish we did though! I've heard there's great deals there!!

I had the JetDry in our dishwasher at the same time as the cheapie tabs and it wasn't helping... so now it's back to the good tabs & continuing on with the JetDry.


Oh gosh thanks for the product review. Like Sharon, I had been trying different products lately.
Aimee from Craftmates


I tend to try different products now & then, but when I find something that works and I love, I try to stick to it. lol!!


Yes I have. Detergent, hair conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, juices, sugar and tomatoes are some things I just will not buy the cheaper versions of, because they're all pretty awful. Now, I think twice (or three times) before buying more for less, because it may just mean I'm stuck with a lesser product for longer. If I have to buy the cheaper brand, I'll go with the smaller sizes and give them a try.

Makky's Mom

I've always used Cascade for our dishwasher detergent. One day about 3 years ago Finish was on sale so I thought I'd give it a try. WORST thing I could EVER have done. Finish ruined my dishes, glasses, silverware and pots that happened to be in the dishwasher over that week or two that we used it. It stripped all the shine off everything! I only ever bought it that one time but the damage was done and my ugly mugs and glasses are a constant reminder to not cheap out on certain things! I've replaced my dishes since then so they are still purty and shiny. :)

Most no name or cheaper brand products are pretty good, but some are just horrible. It's impossible to know till you try though and you could potentially find a gem in the rough so it is worth experimenting now and then, but when you get burnt badly, it's hard to trust again... sigh...

where the journey takes me

I remember getting a different washing powder to my usual. It was a much cheaper supermarket own brand - there was nothing wrong with the powder it washed pretty much the same but I hated the (perfume)smell it left on the clothes - and of course when I was wearing something it was with me all day long!!


I use straight vinegar for my rinse aid and powerballs for my detergent - clean every time!


on our last dishwasher the holder for jet dry didn't work. so we put a cup face up in the cutlery holder filled 1/2 with vinegar. came out more sparkling than i've ever seen before and we had the worst hard water we had to tell people that the dishes were clean it just the hard water. ITs much cheaper and works every time


I usually do too.. it sucks "losing" money on something you don't end up liking. I like to try things usually if i've heard good things about it from people I know... other than that, I tend to stick to tried & true!


I really like the finish tabs and have never had any issues with them thankfully!


You lucked out then, 'cause mine was horrible. lol!! Bummer about the scent! I'm really careful with scents because of my asthma...


Oh! Great tip, thank-you!! When I run out i'm going to try it out! :)


I'm definitely going to try the vinegar! Thanks!! :)


I agree fully on the dishwasher tabs! Add to my namebrand loyalty list:
Tide Total Care. Other Tide will do in a pinch but that is the best for us.

I also have to add that I think when it comes to furnace filters you get what you pay for. Having 2/5 of us with allergies, there is a difference.

There aren't too many other things that we are brand loyal to. A couple of years ago the dh insisted on buying this very cheap yucky tasting fruit drink (I doubt there was any fruit in it) It comes in a cheaply made container...it leaked all over the fridge and into the compressor. Cost us a fridge! (He's never bought it since :))


there are certain items that I buy name brand like Tetley Tea, kraft or black diamond cheese slices, kraft dinner, toilet paper- i buy royale or cottonelle, always maxi pads, and palmolive dish detergent. Other things I usually buy no name or store brands.


We find things we get at the $1 store to be hit or miss...sometimes we are pleasantly surprised and other times we are glad we only wasted a dollar to find out something doesn't work.


YES I have ... but then I have also in the past bought stuff I regretted that I had never used *shame*. Some things you just have to stick to "name brand" to get the job done.

Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank

When my wife and I moved into our new house we didn't have a lot of money and so we bought a couple of really cheap items.

1. An electric Lawnmower
2. A home brand kettle
3. A home brand iron

The mower lasted about 2 years which was pretty good, but it was terrible and ended up costing me a lot of my life re-mowing areas of grass that weren't cut well.

The kettle died the first time we used it.

The iron kept shorting out our power. We didn't know what was going on at the time - super dangerous!

Needless to say, we now buy quality rather than super cheap.


I find it's trial and error with some things. I never strayed from Heinz Baked Beans, I mean never.............I have now discovered the No Name brand to be as good, so sometimes no name brand will work.



I live close to the border and also have sister in the US within driving distance. I load up on the expensive, "branded" Canada consumer goods when I go to US (detergent, toothpaste, etc.). I hate it because I want to buy local but still, there is a significant price difference!

Susan H. @ The Food Allergy Chronicles

Yes I have too! Sometimes it pays to spend a little more for their and longevity. Sometimes you do get what you pay for. In clothing, I will pay a little more for a better quality garment...taking advantage of sales.


use the vinegar as fabric softener too! It makes the clothes keep there colour. It doesn't make the clothes smell either.


That is very interesting. You put a cup rightside up with half-cup of vinegar? I am having a tough time figuring out how the vineger would get out... maybe if the cup overfills with water and starts dispensing the vinegar?


YEP!!! I have learned the hard way more times than I care to count.

I learned to by my kids good school shoes the first time rather than go through 5 pairs of walmart shoes. Now, I buy them each good quality indoor and outdoor shoes for school and they actually last all year!

Also did the cheap dishwasher detergent only to go back to the Finish powerball tablets.

There are hundreds more examples I am sure.


I can't get over how much more everything costs here in Canada compared to the U.S!! It doesn't seem right... :/


Looks like i'll be investing in a huge bottle of vinegar! ;)

The Asian Pear

Happens to me all the time. Usually household cleaning products too.


I agree with Gill, it's hit or miss. We bought a super cheap lawn mower 15 years ago, and hubby (who would love a new one but is C-H-E-A-P as they come) can't get that thing to die for nothin'. It's been a wonderful machine.

I find most often for us that it's the off-brand food we have to stay away from. Often, when reading the ingredients, the name brand stuff is actually real food, while the general is nothing but a close resemblance of food. This isn't always the case, though, and so we buy generic whenever it seems reasonable.

Great post, Carla!

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