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Susan H. @ The Food Allergy Chronicles

I love the denim with the pastels. Not something that I would normally be attracted to...but you are always surprising me with fantastic colour/pattern combos! :)


Taxes, cleaning, laundry, paperwork, picking up kids, but hopefully some where down the road, a moment or to do something creative!

Great job once again. Hopefully you'll get your basement back soon. :)


What a fun set! I really like the denim with the pastels and I normally wouldn't think I would like this either. Who Hoo for Stampin' Up! Fabric! I have at least 10 packages of it right now so need to get sewing!


Your list of orders has really grown since you did mine. I guess I got mine in during a lull.

Lena at OnMySideoftheWorld

Oh, I love it! Sleek and fun at the same time!


Bravo Carla. I think you get so many orders because not only are your colour combinations pretty amazing but your turn around time is phenomenal!

Bravo also on detailing your orders ,time and material wise. I think you will find the info will help in so many ways ,especially to show how much you contribute fiscally to your family:)

You have turned a love(sewing)into a side gig that most likely does contribute more to your families bottom line than anyone realizes.

Cheers to you.


These are lovely. I can't wait to see what you make next.

one simple farmgirl

I love the pastels with the denim as well. Your order list is fantastic. Keeps you busy but not over burdened. Purples huh! Second childhood?


Oh my gosh Carla, just want to comment on how beautiful that set is! You are incredibly talented :)


This is really cute! I love the color combo together :)

Lisa @Cents To Savw

I had no idea that Stamping Up had their own fabric! This is a great set!!


You are on fire!

Today, I have been working on an apron and learning how to do buttonholes on my sewing machine.


What a sweet set!! I know the new owner of such a cute tote and all the fixins will go gaga over her order. That is a heck of a LONG list of sewing orders, if you lived closer I would throw the doors open to my sewing room for you.


Thanks Susan! I love denim and pastels as well.. it's such a great combo! :)


Ahh.. all the fun stuff huh?! ;) lol!


I love the Stampin' Up! Fabric.. I think it's very nice, high quality stuff!! :)


Great way to put it, I agree! Thanks Lena!! :)


Thanks SOOO much for these kind words, Terry!!! Hugs!!


Thanks Sunny!! :)


I have been blessed this month with orders, very blessed! It's helping us so much by bulking up our slush fund before our income drop. :) God is good!


Thanks so much, Alyssa!


Thank-you so much! :)


I think it's *fairly* recent... maybe in the last couple of years?


Thanks Mika! How are you!!?? :) I need to work on my buttonholes as well.. lol!


Thanks Debby!! :) Oh if I lived closer i'd live in your sewing room! ;) hehehe!!

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