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ND Chic

I'm always making funny faces at our son and my husband tells me that if he starts to do fish lips right away, it will be my fault. Fish lips, duck lips, its all fun (at least when talking to a baby). However, I would prefer that not everybody on social media sees me like that.


Different when you're making faces at your kids... ;) lol! It's when you're trying to get the "Kim.K" thing going on so everyone things you're "sexy hot" that gets to be a bit much... lol~!

Thrifty Mom In Boise

What a fun challenge. Currently I am planning for my Low-Spend January challenge. Looking forward to hearing how you do with both. Happy New Year Carla!


HAA, you are so right with the duck lips, what the heck are they thinking!!! Happy New Yaer to you and yours. I'm in on the low/no spend challenge and look forward to seeing what you do with the photo's. I figured out how to put the battery, memory card, and lens on my new camera. Hey it's a start!!


I love the photo a day prompts. Can't swig to see what you do!


what a great idea.


I hope we both do well! :) Good luck!!


YES!! Just sooo wrong! I don't get it... ?! lol! And you can always tell that they're doing it 'cause it looks SO unnatural! lol!

Good job on your camera... now get playing!! ;)


Me too!! I especially love this one!


Should be fun! :)

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