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Good luck! That is a huge list. But you'll do it or at least make a dent. :) My husband is taking most of the children to the zoo so I am trying to decide if this means I will be really productive while they are gone or nap with the baby.....I am leaning towards the latter... :)


Just reading your to-do list made me tired Carla. Hope you have some help for those house chores. As for Morgan's eye glasses here is my two cents as I have been wearing glasses for the last 40 years: Get lightweight, scratch-proof plastic lenses with rimless or semi-rimless frames. Take care!


Yesterday I celebrated the 4th of July at my BF's parents house (photos here: http://makingcentsofitall.net/2014/07/05/4th-of-july-fireworks/). Today I am editing photos, cleaning the apartment, folding laundry, & trying out a new chicken stroganoff recipe (amongst other things, i.e. listening to a movie *Independence Day lol in the background, updating some recipe templates, blogging, etc). Tomorrow I'm not sure what the plan is.


Your list is so big! I got tired just reading it!

Mine is:

*to do a couple of counselling sessions with clients (done)
*go shopping with eldest (done)
*buy paint for house to redo all the walls (done)
*start to paint
*go out for dinner with eldest and her friends to celebrate that she was accepted into school

Hope you have a chance for rest and relaxation in between your tasks. :)

The Asian Pear

How do you lose your coffee table? o__o?

I have only one MUST ABSOLUTELY DO chore this weekend: laundry.
...which I haven't started yet. EEEK!

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