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WIP Wednesday!

Gemology Blocks... Swap in progress!

I really enjoy swaps, when they're well ran anyways! Before Instagram I was in a few Facebook swaps, etc, but on Instagram, there are far more to find and join in! I'm currently in 5 swaps... Yes, 5!

  1. Perfect Pouch Swap - I'm the hostess, it's my swap and this post shows what I'm currently working on for my partner!
  2. NanaCompany inspired Swap - Just joined this one & found out who my partner is. No idea what I'm making for this one yet... But I should have everything on hand for this swap. I think. I just received Amy Sinibaldi's book yesterday, so I'll probably be choosing something from that book to make for my partner! More on this soon...
  3. Very Mini Quilt Swap - I have sent out my parcel, and my partner has received. I'm still waiting on my pkg in the mail.
  4. Skinny Mini Quilt Swap - I have sent my pkg to Australia and my pkg has been received! I'm still waiting on my pkg in the mail.
  5. Big Stitch Swap 2 - Have my partner, have decided what I'm going to create and received everything I need in the mail yesterday! Will post more on this swap soon...****

I would really love to get my Perfect Pouch swap I want to complete & get crossed off of my list! This swap had general guidelines and no "simple" pouches were allowed. I specified that you had to have at least one of the following techniques on their pouch...

  • Patchwork
  • English paper piecing
  • Foundation paper piecing
  • Hand-stitching/embroidery/quilting
  • Mini quilt blocks

Mine will have FPP, Hand stitching and I suppose you could count these as mini quilt blocks! I chose to use this fun Gemology Block pattern from SarahRose. I found the pattern on Etsy and it's a very fun & fairly easy block to put together. I reduced by pattern by 50% which makes it a bit fussier to put together, but still on the 'medium skill' level I would say?


I am using predominantly Andover fabrics for this pouch... Lots of Sunprint & Geometry by Alison Glass from Mad About Patchwork and a fabulous text print and i'm not really sure who makes this one...
My messy desk yesterday from my work in progress.... I work on my sewing inbetween everything else I have going on throughout the day. I tend to keep my sewing area very clean & organized, I cannot work in a "mess", so this isn't what I usually looks like, but when I'm in the middle of a project, this is par for the course I'd say!
My sewing room/area is in our living room (I'll share photos soon) so it's easy for me to leave and come back to what I was doing. No toddlers around here to get into my stuff either, so my sewing area is safe so to speak!
My 4 finished monochromatic gems! These panels are not sewn together, just ready to be made into the main panels of my pouch!


I hope to get a chunk of this complete today... I'm working on a "Sew Together Pouch" and they are not easy, nor a fast project to work on! So my goal today is to get the main panel hand complete including quilted/quilted, and the inner panels all interfaced and zippers installed! We shall see how the day goes!


Do you enjoy swaps?

Are you in any current swaps?