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Five Things Friday

Things have been hectic and busy, and i'm feeling the effects of that. I thought i'd pop on quickly to post though, and since it's Friday, lets do a "Five Things Friday"!
  • The Elton John concert last night was nothing short of amazing!! He is a legend for a reason, he put on a fabulous show and as I had expected, he is incredible live!! What a show, his piano solos are out of this world! The piano is my favourite instrument of all time, so to hear Elton John, well, its just so, awe-inspiring! We loved every minute so very much!!! If you ever have a chance to see him live, it's worth every single penny!!!
  • October starts tomorrow & so does our new budget for the month. All bills are paid & out of our account except for World Vision, which I expect will come out in the next day or two! I'll be starting fresh tomorrow with a new goal, a new budget, and I will post details then!
  • Miss Mya is sick. We were at the clinic today and the Dr gave her a prescription. She has gotten so much worse from this morning to this afternoon, she's miserable and unhappy, poor thing. Her cough sounds absolutely horrible and i'm praying it doesn't turn into croup or anything worse... i'm fully stocked up on Advil, Tylenol, Popsicles, suckers, and will set her up tonight with her a cool mist vaporizer. Hopefully she'll get a good, full nights sleep. We're not doing much today at all - well i've been running around all day, but she's been taking it easy with cat movies and colouring pages. Dh isn't feeling well nor is child #2. Tis the season I suppose.
  • I am utterly exhausted from trying to keep up with everything on not nearly enough sleep. I'm going to write out my schedule for next week today and try to finish up some current sewing projects this weekend. I need to get my one big project complete - which actually consists of a handful of smaller projects - and in the mail! I can't share anything else until mid-November, but I have been sewing lots, unfortunately, I just can't share anything yet! I also have a couple of custom orders mid-process that i'm hoping to wrap up asap!
  • I have an Instagram swap that I need to post a fabric/inspiration photo for today! I need to get that taken care of asap before I get booted out of the swap! LOL!! I do know what i'm doing, just not 100% sure on fabrics yet... I'm leaning towards this, but will probably add in a few more perle colours! Wish I had a purple/raspberry in my stash to use!!



Well on that note, I need to go do some housework, and get things in order. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

One thing about being serenaded by your cat at 5am...

Is that I generally have *very productive* days. Like today.

5 am: Cat wakes me up far too early and I decide to ignore her as I know she's in no immediate danger of starving, so I curl up tighter under my blankets and read the presidential debate from last night on my iPod. I was not surprised to learn that Trump lied over 34 times and interrupted Hillary Clinton 51 times. Wow. He is something else I have to say... I've already had my closest US friend ask me to adopt her if Trump wins. And yes, I will, don't worry! We'll get you over here before he starts building that wall! ;) However, by 6 am I had enough of American politics, and decided to head downstairs for coffee & some early morning sewing.

After shopping the other day with the kids and spending far more than I had intended to on them - oops! So, after over-spending and making my slush fund look a little sad, I decided to have a sale on my NCW's until the end of September in order to bulk back up our slush fund before October 1st. I had intended on taking off the rest of September from customs, but now have to atone for my sins. *wink* LOL!!

Anyways... I managed to get 2 full custom orders off of my list today! Here is one of them which is getting picked up bright & early tomorrow. This order consists of an NCW, a ruffled wristlet & a cute little linen cat cash & coin pouch.




**** *

Now it's after 7:30pm and I still have quite the "to do" list ahead of me tonight.

  • I haven't eaten dinner yet.
  • I need to get some housework done - tidy living room, sweep kitchen, load dishwasher, clear table, clean lower bathroom.
  • Pkg up a few custom orders & my sons birthday gift to mail at the post office tomorrow.
  • I need to throw on a load of laundry then hang to dry or throw in dryer.
  • I need to get the kids ready for bed.
  • Tidy up sewing desk & write out schedule/to do list for tomorrow.
  • Shower before bed & quick tidy of upstairs bathroom.
  • Hopefully in bed by 11pm after Dh leaves for work.

And that's enough for me tonight I think, especially since i've already been up 14 and a half hours and I feel like i'm going to crash & burn sooner than later. So on that note, I have lots to do so i'm going to sign off here! Have a great night!

Happy Sunday!


Good Morning! I've been up for far too long already... 5 hours! It's going to be a long day i'm sure! Oh well, such is life! I've had a change of plans for today, since I was up at such an early hour i decided to cut fabrics for a custom. I was planning on taking the day off, but not much else to do at 5:30am, so I figured I may as well be productive! I have 2 NCW's cut out & fully interfaced. Ready to be put together later on today, I probably won't get more sewing time in until tonight.

Yesterday the kids went through their clothes and we have a list of whats "needed" now for the fall/winter.

In total we need:

  • Fall boots
  • Jeans/Jeggings
  • 2-3 Mid-Long Sleeved Shirts
  • Zip-up Hoodie
  • Belt
  • 1-2 pairs of pants

I think thats about it, not an uber long list, but long enough. Mya has asked me to go out today, and since we have no other plans I figured why not!? So we're going to head out in about an hour for the afternoon to pick up these items and a few other things on my list.

On that note I need to finish getting ready, I'll return later with our purchases! Enjoy your day!