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Happy Halloween!!


The girls are quite excited as for once, it's not bitterly cold AND it's not raining, nor is it snowing!! So they are costumed up & ready to go trick or treating soon! They are currently watching a bit of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" until we leave (I need to eat dinner first) then when we get home we'll see what's safe for Miss Mya to eat, and probably watch the rest of the movie till bedtime.

After the youngest 2 are in bed, child #2 and I have our own little tradition that we watch Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Oh wow... lots of kids out already! And they're about at our door! Ok, i'm off! Have a fun night everyone!!

Forecasting for November & October Goals Recap!


Good Morning! Well, we are almost to November 1st... and I have to say, October just flew by! Looking back at my October goals, well, I didn't do such a smashing job unfortunately, but all the same, here's how I did!

  1. $600.00 into savings. No, I completely stopped my savings goals this month and honestly it's a good thing I did. Dh has been sick on/off for a month fighting off something or other. He's also missed a couple nights of work (unpaid), I'm preparing for the craft fair so have zero income coming in, and am trying to get as much Christmas shopping done as I can. Pair all this with trying to reach savings goals and it's too much stress for me, so I chose sanity instead.
  2. Read & Review 3 books. Big, FAT fail. I'm still reading my way through 2 books and didn't even start a 3rd! *sigh*
  3. Declutter! Yes! Finally a goal I did awesome with! We have decluttered the house from top to bottom and each room looks so good! We have 2 boxes of coats/hats/mitts/boots, a huge bag of towels, a box of DVD's/BluRays, a big box of dishes & kitchen items, a bag of mens clothes, and some holiday decorations to donate! I'm a "minimalist" at heart, and while we 5 people in the house, we're really not "minimalist" by the true definition, but, we only have in the house what we love & use! No extra crap, no clutter, nothing gets lost, etc... The Diabetes Association picks up tomorrow! I'm very happy with how I did with this goal!
  4. Reduce a bill. I tried, but no go. ROGERS couldn't offer me any deals on our home security system unfortunately. Our contract expires next month and the only offer they gave me was to "self-monitor" and save $10.00/month, which is stupid though, because then why am I paying for home security from them!? So this is a fail, even though I tried. Nowhere else to cut back as we don't have cable, have a killer deal on internet & home phone is as low as I can get it, and we also have very low cell phone plans.
  5. Craft Fair Prep. Yep, doing ok here so far! I have 30 tissue cases, 20 BlueJays keyfobs, and 11 patchwork pencil cases so far. I've also pulled my items from one local shop (I did horrid, big fat fail in my books) and will see what I have left in my stock to add to my craft fair items. I'm 98% sure i'm going to pull out of the other shop i'm in as well and will do the same, pull from items to use for craft fair. All the rest i'm going to offer at a discount on my FB page. (Stay tuned if you want to snag a killer deal!)
  6. New Evening Routine. I'm going to give myself a "pass" here! I've been tidying up in the evenings, working on laundy in the evenings, staying (mostly) off of the internet in the evenings, etc... I need to work more on getting in some reading each night still however! Or else i'll never be able to make reading a daily habit again!
  7. A Birthday Gift for Gma. We went the chocolate route, bought lunch for her, and spent a few hours visiting her - which is exactly what she wants, our time & company. We are blessed to have her in our lives!
  8. Focus on "Needs" and not "Wants". Yes!! Although I can't tell you how often I was tempted to just throw caution to the wind and order in new fabrics i've been lusting after, I didn't place any massive orders for fabric last month. I think a couple of FQ's is about it! I can't think of any other "things" we purchased (besides a set of thermal curtains, instead of sheers for the fall/winter months!), so this is a definite pass in my books!

In the end, I passed 5 goals, failed 2 goals, and one was behind my control. So, not bad overall, I can live with it!

Looking towards November I have 2 birthdays, my brother-in-law (whom i've already given his gift to, and he loved it - this car/radio type thing? I really have no idea and it looked boring to me, but he really wanted it and loved it!) and my sons girlfriend. I will be sending hers along at the end of the week. I've purchased her a gift & am making her something else that I think she'll love! I'll share after she receives as I know she reads my blog 'cause she likes to "be in the know" with whats happening in our family! Such a sweetheart!

No other birthdays that we purchase for this month, so that's a good thing financially. With Dh missing work it's going to be tight again next week, i'm trying very hard to stay on budget and stay out of our slush fund as much as possible! Tomorrow i'm taking child #2 out for a haircut and i'd like to grab a couple of Christmas gifts while i'm at the mall. I don't go to the mall very often, as I do a huge chunk of my Christmas shopping online, but I can't do all of it online (unfortunately) so I figure I may as well kill "2 birds with one stone" tomorrow!

I have 2 days left to think about my November goals and will post those on the 1st! My goals for November won't be anything earth shattering, but I do like to have a list of goals to keep me on track for the month, especially with so much going on! So check back for those if you'd like to see what i'll be working towards in November!

Well on that note i'm off to complete the rest of my weekend "to do" list! It's a gloomy wet & rainy day here today, so i'm hoping for lots of productivity (aka: sewing!) and having fun with the kids later on baking & playing a board game! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Did you have any goals for October? If so, how did you do?

Weekend Happenings...

The weekend is here, which means for most people, absolutely nothing! Haha!! It's business as usual here and I have a weekend "to do" list i'll be working through. I was debating on heading out today for some shopping with child #2 (time for another haircut!) & was planning on leaving the girls while I do some xmas shopping, however, Dh is sick and missed work again last night so will probably be in bed most of the day. Since Dh has no "sick days" and therefore we'll have another tight week, it's probably better if I stick close to home anyways... So, I've decided that i'm just going to hang out here with the kids and see what I can accomplish around the house.
First things first, i'm working on finishing up my Heather Ross swap goodies! The mini quilt has been done for a couple weeks, and now i'm just working on a couple of "extra items" to round out my swap pkg. I want to grab a treat or two, but think now that i'll be waiting until Monday for that. However, I will have everything else complete this weekend, then once I get a couple things i'll pkg up and send! Then I can have this swap crossed off of my list! I do really enjoy swaps but have absolutely no time for them right now, so i'll probably not join any other swaps until the New Year.
Here's a sneak peek of what i'm working on for her...



Once she has received her pkg i'll share pics of everything, until then, this is it!

On my weekend to do list:

  1. Complete swap pkg items! Done! Just need to grab a couple sweet treats and it's good to go!
  2. Laundry. Ideally i'd like to catch up with all the laundry, I think that's 3-4 loads, so very doable. On load #3!
  3. Sort through closet downstairs with our fall & winter clothing/boots/accessories. Keep what we need & use, then donate everything else! Diabetes association is picking up a donation bright & early on Monday morning! Done! We have 2 big boxes full of winter coats, hats, mitts, gloves & boots to donate!
  4. Bake Halloween cupcakes with Mya!
  5. Work on craft fair items. Not sure what item i'm doing next, but i'd like to have another pile of something or other on the go! Pulled fabrics so far... chapstick fobs are going to be next on my list! I'll make 20 of them for the craft fair.
  6. Patchwork minky blanket in progress, or even better, completed & ready to mail! But honestly i'll be happy to have the front complete!
  7. Play a board game with the kidlets!
  8. Spray down bonsai tree with organic feed/water combo. I think it's in a "resting" phase but I really need to find a good book to read up on my Juniper Bonsai... the needles are changing colour and i'm hoping i'm not killing the damn thing! I *think* it's in a resting phase though... Done!
  9. Wind 10 bobbins. I've been lazy and simply winding one over and over again which really is a waste of time, much better to have a complete stack done! Done!
  10. Plan out next week in my Happy Planner!
  11. Finish editing photos from photo shoot last weekend!

And I think that's all i'm going to load on myself this weekend!


What are you up to this weekend?