Saturday Musings...
Finally Some (kinda) Selfish Sewing...

Monday Musings...


Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Yesterday our Thanksgiving dinner went well minus the fact that Dh had to haul child #2 back to the clinic but i'm hoping from here on in things are better! We were dissapointed that Gma didn't feel up to coming over for dinner however. She was at my Sister-in-Laws the day before for dinner, and she felt worn out and tired yesterday as they have 4 little & active ones. We were really looking forward to seeing her, especially my oldest who is down from Toronto, still, dinner was nice and we had a nice time.

Looking ahead today, I have my sewing schedule partially written out for the week and will finish that up today. We have no major plans for the week except for the usual, some running around - I need to hit the dollar store for a handful of items, Canada Post for a mail run, a library trip with the kids, grocery shopping, a pharmacy run, etc... but nothing fancy or exciting this week! The girls are currently working on their math (we missed time with everyone being sick, so we're back at it today) and i'm finishing up my coffee and trying to get motivated!

On my sewing list today I would love to accomplish the following today:

  1. Crossbody strap for NCW order.
  2. Pin baby quilt & prepare to quilt.
  3. Cut fabrics for Heather Ross mini quilt swap.
  4. Pull fabrics for Ruffled wristlet (x3) custom order.

On another note, I'm thinking about Christmas a lot and think i'm going to order one last gift for Maria today then i'll have her 3 main gifts complete and will just need to fill a stocking for her! It's an expensive gift (Nintendo 3DS xl) so it's going to take a fair chunk out of our slush fund, but I just know she will be so excited & happy to receive this! Dallas received one from his gf for his birthday and now Maria has envy... she's had her 3DS for about 4 years now I think so I know she'd be thrilled to the moon to receive an upgrade!

Customs have been slow and i'm hoping they pick up again sooner than later, as i'll need the extra income coming in to continue with my Christmas shopping & work towards hitting my savings goal for the month! September & October (so far) hasn't been kind to us. But i'll keep my focus and hopefully things will go smoothly from here on in!

The temperatures have dropped and it's quite chilly now, outside the mercury is reading in at -2c, and I woke up to a 17c house... brr!! However, in 2 days we're expecting 25c temps again so i'm leaving the heat off and telling the kids to throw on a hoody & socks. It'll warm up later on in the day, so it's all good for now I think. I swear it feels like we have AC on one week and heat the next! Crazy temperature differences as less than a week ago it was 30c! Ideally the heat will stay off until November 1st, but that's not in stone. If it gets too cold, i'll flip on that switch. I do think that i'll throw quilts on the couch for the kids (and myself!) to use though!

And on that note i'm off... I need to feed people and start on my day! Have a wonderful Monday!!