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Whistle while you work...

Tis the season.. for theft apparently.


So yesterday morning I received an email telling me that the password for our online banking had been changed and if I didn't change it I should contact my bank right away.

Well lo & behold, I did not in fact change my password so I had to have all of my accounts frozen and card cancelled. Today I had to go into the bank to get a new card issued, look through my accounts to make sure there were no unauthorized charges, then change all the security questions & passwords for online banking & my new VISA debit. At least now they have passwords that nobody will be able to guess 'cause I doubt i'll even remember them! LOL!!!


It literally took me almost 2 hours and numerous phone calls to my bank to fix everything online cause I kept getting locked out of my account, so to whomever decided they were entitled to help themselves to our bank account, well, you know what you can do! I hope karma comes right back at you!

Then on another note, I ordered a couple clothing gifts online and one of them is the wrong size, well the tag says it's the right size, but it measures in quite a bit smaller than the size I ordered, by 3" actually, therefore, it's not really the right size. So I contacted the company (along with pics) asking them to please send a replacement.

However, instead of saying "ok, we can see it's not the right size according to our website and by the photos", the sizing does NOT match up with the tag size, they've decided to check with the warehouse to see what the rest of them measure in at. However, if *their website* says that this certain size measures in at XX", and the one I ordered measures in 3" smaller, I am of the reasoning that they should either:

a) send me a bigger size that will fit, or

b) refund me!

Honestly, i'm really not impressed with them right now and am waiting on their reply. We shall see if they stand behind their service or not...

Now it's after 5pm and i've lost an entire 'work' day because of trying to deal with stuff beyond my control. I just fed dh and my kids, so i'm going to crank some music, and see if I can finish off a custom order tonight to put me back on track!

On that note... it's the end of November and we've had our heat off for the last couple of days because its so mild!! How crazy is that!?!

Ok... i'm off... I need to get out of this mood, lol! Creativity should help!!

Hope your day is going better than mine! *wink*