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January shall be dubbed my "catch up" month...

I feel like I've fallen so far behind on everything in the last couple of weeks since my fall... and I do realize I have to take it slowly, trust me, my body tells me when I'm doing too much! But at the same time, there is so much to be done and I'm quite frustrated that I can't "just do it". Get it done, cross it off of my list and move on. I think January is going to be a "catch up" month for me and I'm ok with that.

I have sewing projects that I'd like & need to finish...

  • I need to redo a pouch that Canada Post or USPS lost. *sigh*
  • I need to finish up a swap mini quilt for mailing the end of January.
  • I'd like to at least start on the baby quilt that I didn't get to make yet for my besties new little one.
  • I need to make a wallet that was custom ordered before my fall.
  • I'd like to make a thank-you gift for someone.
  • I need to make 2 pencil pouches which I've been assured are absolutely no rush, but I'd like to get them done sooner than later.
  • I want to make something pretty with a bundle of beautiful fabrics Krista from Zoey & Bean Fabrics sent me to play with!
"Born Wild" fabrics for a baby quilt from "Canadian National Fabric".
Bebe is absolutely amazing, I highly recommend this fabric shop!
The beginning of my mini quilt for an Instagram swap...
A beautiful bundle of goodness waiting for some love...


That covers the sewing anyways I think... then there's just getting back into a routine with the kids, getting the house back up to par, and adjusting to our new budget!

Right now I'm decluttering and organizing my sewing area as things all needed moved around to fit the tree in our living room and it was not exactly the way I like things to be. But for a month, it worked. The rest of the house needs attention too, so much clutter from Christmas, but with any luck the kids and I can make a dent in it this weekend!


I just shared a video on FB & Instagram of my newly tidied and decluttered sewing area if anyone is curious! And on that note, I'm off! Enjoy your weekend & Happy New Year!!

Meal Planning stuff...


Last night I decided that it was once again time I started meal planning and getting back on track with our budget for the New Year. Meal planning is not something I necessarily enjoy, but it's a necessary evil if you want to stick to a budget and have some form of routine in your life.

Having a meal plan in place really does make my life easier for a few reasons:

  1. It saves money. I know exactly what I need to buy and I don't wander around the grocery store just putting this & that into my cart and not having the right items to mix together for a full meal.
  2. It saves my sanity. If I need to pull meat out of the freezer the night before I know it and don't end up scrambling around mid-afternoon wondering what I can slap together for dinner.
  3. I don't hear "what's for dinner" 100x a day.

It's not like meal planning takes a lot of time or effort, just a few minutes to take stock of what's on hand and writing out a quick list! Here's how I made my meal plan last night:

  1. I took a quick freezer and pantry inventory. We had the following meal items on hand: A small turkey, ribs, ground beef, pork tenderloin, a HUGE pork roast, ground beef & garlic bread.
  2. Made meals with most of those items before I even checked the flyers.
  3. Checked flyers for sale items and made my grocery list with prices beside the items. There are 2 grocery stores I'm going to hit tomorrow, each has a list of items I'm going to buy with the sale prices with a "misc" list that I'll grab from one of the two stores with the better prices.

And our menu plan for the week:

  • Slow cooked ribs, mashed potatoes & corn
  • Beef hot dogs & fries & salad.
  • Spaghetti with meat sauce & garlic bread & salad
  • Soft tacos
  • Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, buns & veggies.
  • Hamburger Helper (Dh) kids will have something else.

We seem to always come in around $200.00 a week for groceries, sometimes more when I do local/organic meat orders or specialty orders for my NamasteFoods GF mixes.

This week we spent $212.14 on groceries from 3 different stores. I went to 2 stores (and now honestly walk like a little old lady holding onto child #2) and Dh grabbed stuff from work as well. We should be good for a week, week and a half. This was a bigger shop as we were out of quite a bit.

I never snap pics of my shopping trip but I decided to this time!

Some good deals we found this week:

  • Dozen eggs $1.97 - we usually buy 18 pks of eggs for $4.69, so we bought 4 dozen eggs for $7.88 vs 3 dozen eggs for $9.38.
  • Royale tissues, paper towel & toilet paper was on sale for $4.44 each, so we paid $13.32 in total, which is a killer deal! Regular price would have been $31.47!
  • Kraft Cheese slices were on for $2.99, we bought 3 pkgs and saved $9.90.
  • Family sized cheerios were on for $3.99, we saved $3.50 on those.
  • Then we saved on meat as well, in total we saved $44.98 at Sobeys. Then we went to Food Basics for a few sale items as well. If they're items that we always buy I tend to stock up on a couple extra, but nothing outrageous.





And looking everything over I see that I forgot bagged salad... naturally. Oh well, I'll have to get Dh to grab that. Hoping to put off shopping now until the end of next week or early the following week. We'll definitely run out of veggies and fruit (we already had a good amount on hand so didn't need too much this week) but Dh can grab odds & ends for me when needed which helps as well.

It's funny but something as simple as grocery shopping and meal planning makes me feel so accomplished today compared to over the last couple of weeks! I had to give myself a pep talk today before I went out... I went 42 years without falling and just fell once, so I'm fine! *Pat on back* hahaha!!

Well on that note I'm off for now... I'm going to write myself a *short* list of things I'd like to accomplish today, literally I'm limiting myself to 5 things, and nothing substantial!

Enjoy your day!


Do you meal plan?

Where are you located, how many are in your family and what is your weekly grocery budget?

Trying to get back to life...


Since my fall almost 2 1/2 weeks ago things have been very different around here, and not in a good way. Not for my "Type A" personality anyways.

In the last two plus weeks I haven't opened my daily planner in that entire time, I haven't done anything that didn't absolutely have to be done. However, since I haven't been able to do much things are in shambles. Ok, not really totally in shambles, but in the last 2 1/2 weeks I haven't been able to clean my house well - and I had 4 kids in the house for a week of that time! I have barely looked at my budget, nor have I bothered with a budget of any kind. I haven't grocery shopped as I can barely cook, so things have been "quick & easy" for the most part, I haven't organized or decluttered anything, I just haven't been able to do much of anything, and it's showing it.

I know things have to go slowly and I absolutely have to take it easy and not overexert myself, or else my progress will take two steps backwards. So I'm going to start slowly and try to tackle *one goal a day* around the house over the next week to at least get us going in the right direction, and thankfully I have kids that can help, so I won't have to do it 100% on my own!

Today for the first time since my fall I went out to do some shopping with my mom, sister & child #2 (who turned 19 today!!) and let me tell you, by the end of our shopping trip, I was very sore and tired. I haven't been on my knee/hip on my feet that long since my fall, so I wasn't expecting that at all. My hip is quite sore (my bruise was massive and it was swollen like half a grapefruit after the fall!) and I definitely fell quite hard on my knee as it's mad at me today as well.

Overall though, i'm glad I was able to conquer my fear of going out again in the snow and mailed off a stack of pkgs at the post office as well. My stomach was in knots this morning and my anxiety was high, I almost didn't go out, but know that's not realistic, nor healthy for me. So I pulled up my big girl underpants and off I went!

Tomorrow I absolutely *need* to do a grocery shopping trip and will be bringing child #2 with me as my wrist can't handle much weight yet and the brace I'm wearing makes things go much slower as well. After my grocery trip I'll be staying in and relaxing though, I don't want to gone long so am hoping that it'll be a short & fast trip.

Things on my 'to do' list for tonight:

  • Grocery list - Check flyers for sale items.
  • I need to make my first menu plan in I don't know how long!
  • Balance our budget and make budget for tomorrows shopping trip.

And that's more than enough for tonight! I've been thinking about some goals for January and will share those in the next day or two with you! Well on that note, I'm off to get my mini list for tonight accomplished before I'm too tired to get off the couch, lol! Have a great night!