It's been a busy week...

I'm ready...


Bring on the sun! Looks like this snow we received over the last 2 days will be long gone by Monday!! Woot!! Maybe the groundhog was right this year... at least for Ontario. *wink*

With the weather looking fabulous next week I'm going to get in a few things that I've been putting off...

  • Haircuts for myself and Miss Maria!
  • Library visit with the girls.
  • Shopping! I have GC's to ROOTS from Xmas and my Bday and I need at least 2 long sleeve tshirts for spring. 3 would be even better! I want to get up to Roots 73 or Masonville to see if I can use up my GC's!
  • Tidy up the front & back yard as much as we can at this time of year anyways.
  • Do something fun with the kids. Maybe we'll visit Eldon House & the Covent Garden Market or something... not sure yet, will have to see what I can find to do!

I hope this weather is here to stay, but I won't hold my breath just yet. However, I will enjoy it to the full extent while it's here!

On that note, i'm off for now! I need to find some food like substance to eat and figure out dinner for the troops! Have a fabulous Friday!


What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Do you have any fun weekend plans?