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Weekend things...


This week has been a very busy, but absolutely gorgeous week! The weather has been amazing & we thoroughly enjoyed it by spending lots of time out & about!! Last night we had a wicked "summer thunderstorm", which is a little strange in February mind you, it was actually torrential downpouring for a while and ended up hailing for a few minutes as well! I posted a video on Instagram if you want to see... I think now we're in for another chilly week with snow in the forecast. Only in Canada will you wear tshirts and shorts one week in +20c weather, then parkas and toques the next!! Today we had some snowflakes and it's -5c or something... it's absolutely insane honestly.

Oh well, what can you do!?

This weekend we have no plans to leave the house, I shall be a hobbit, or is that a hermit? Same difference? LOL!! Dh went downtown today with child #2 to book shops, record shops, etc... I stayed home warm with the girls. Lol! I plan on working on my "weekend to do" list mostly and hanging out with the kids. It's also time for my "selfish sewing"! Yay! I have a few gifts I've been wanting to make but haven't had the time lately, perhaps I'll try to knock one off my list this weekend...

So far I've had zero time for sewing today as i'm closing customs soon and getting all my customs in and typed out so I can make my schedule for the next week, then two, then probably 3!! I've gotten quite a few customs today so I think I'll be full for the next 3 weeks! So I've spent literally all day almost working through emails, PM's, pulling fabric combos, etc... it's amazing how much time that takes!! I don't think people realize really how much time all the "other" stuff takes me!

Housework needs done (what else is new?) I'm behind on laundry (same old), I have a bunch of photo editing to get done. I did manage to make a good dent in my customs this week and finished two slimline wallets yesterday for the last of my customs for the week.


This is my *Mini Slimline Wallet* If you'd like to make one yourself, you can find my pattern on Craftsy!

If you'd like to custom one in your favourite fabrics, just email me or msg me on my FB page.


Let me see, what else do I want to ramble on about today... *wink*

Things are going awesome with the kids, Dallas is back home, working again, his social life is booming, he's happy and at peace again. I'm so very happy that he's doing well! It does my mama heart good!!

Child #2 is totally knocking University courses out of the ballpark with 98%+ marks!! We're going to UWO in March for an open house to see what courses they offer etc... we're also looking at the University of Alberta (this one is a BIG possibility) and St.Francis Xavier in Nova Scotia. UWO doesn't seem as likely, but we'll see where things end up anyways! The interest just doesn't seem to be leaning towards UWO, but you never know right?

The girls are doing well in their schooling, and enjoying being kids. I love that they're home with me, and they love it too. It's nice that they can be simply be children...

Well I'm still trying to cross things off of my "to do" list, so I need to get back to it! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Five Things Friday...

  1. On my "to do" list today: Edit & email photos from last weekend! I'd like to have these fully edited & emailed before I go to bed tonight! 2 custom Slimline Wallets - one is full sized, one is a mini slimline. I need to balance our budget, finish my grocery list, make a menu plan, shop & hit the bank! I need to stop by Canada Post to pick up stamps and mail a pkg to the U.S as well! I have a couple of fabric pulls I need to do today and send photos as well! HS'ing needs done as well at some point today!
  2. I'm having a *free shipping* sale - within Canada, but I'll share postage costs to the U.S - on my FB page today, take a peek in my RTS (ready to ship) album in case you'd like to take advantage of this!
  3. I think I need an internet & social media break. I've been so frustrated lately with the little opinionated comments I get on my page, (I'm overpriced, blah, blah, blah) and all the PM's I get about absolutely everything, and it's hard to keep up!! I honestly have people asking me for the *exact* dimensions of the items I make so they can do the same... I kinda want to say, "Be creative, you can make your items *any* size you want!" I understand I'm "out there", but I find it next to impossible to keep up with it all and check this and that for every single question I'm asked. I don't know how people do it, I'd have to spend my entire day answering questions, getting links for people, finding where people can buy this and that etc... Then I end up feeling guilty 'cause I can't reply to every question & pm. Ugh! I definitely need a break. LoL!!
  4. I've *mostly* had the heat off for the last 2 weeks, (YAY!!!) but just I'm sitting here freezing, so I looked at our indoor temperature and it's only 16c in here.. brrr!! I just kicked on the heat to warm us up in here, I'll turn it back off after I can feel my toes again. I don't do well in the cold... I definitely wasn't built for the cold! My husband on the other hand would love that it was sitting at 16c in here, oh well, he's not home, so I'm heating it up! Haha!!
  5. Google Forms: Does anyone know why my google docs would be showing me the forms ONLY in Chinese? I'm trying to get a swap together for Instagram and I can't make a questionnaire in Google Forms cause I can't understand Chinese and no matter what device I go on and how many times I try, I can't get it to switch to english. *sigh* I'm frustrated and would really like to get this swap moving!! Any suggestions for me by any chance?
And on that note, I'm off! I have a busy day ahead of me and need to keep things moving! Have a fabulous day!

February 23rd...


It's 18c outside, the sun is shinning brightly, the skies are bright blue, and it is absolutely beautiful!! It's been like this all week, and I'm soaking it in!!

As are the kids! Mya literally lives outside when the weather is nice, she'll stay out morning till night, only coming in quickly for meals! So I'm hoping the weather stays like this 'cause a short winter is A-ok to me! That and the heat is off... yay! Hopefully we have a stretch where the heat and the air can stay off as I'm not looking forward to the hydro bills when A/C goes back on... *SOB*



I guess I can move the shovel and the salt bucket now... lol! Looks kind of strange there! Ha!

Yesterday I took the day off from absolutely everything to hang out with the kids and we had such a good day just being out & about together! It was greatly needed for them and me!

I ended up at WM last night for a few things and saw Gai's new book, "CEO of Everything", It's actually aimed more towards single women (divorced and widowed - I plan on doing neither) but I really enjoy her books and I figure good financial advice is financial advice! I'm going to start it today after I get dinner going! I used to love her tv shows and wish I could still find them to watch!



After I got home last night, I did some housework, some laundry, checked my emails etc, then I started on the 2nd block for my Mischief Quilt... i'm absolutely in love with these gorgeous Grand Canal fabrics by Kate Spain... it's such a beautiful line, as are all of her fabric lines! I've never seen one line of hers that I didn't just fall in love with though...



Today I've been working on my customs and have so far crossed a few pouches off my list along with a business card holder. I still have 2 wallets that I'd like to get the fabrics and interfacing etc.. all cut tonight so they go together quicker tomorrow. I want to finish sewing up this block above as well... the sides still need all stitched together.

Dinner tonight consists of a roasted organic chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies & gravy! Yum! I need to go through the freezer tonight and make a list of what we have on hand for meals this week then grocery shopping is tomorrow, I hope to keep my bill FAR lower than I did last week!!

I think this about covers my day! I need to go throw on that big, fat chicken so it's ready on time for dinner! Enjoy your day everyone!