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Tuesday 'To Do' list....

Just another manic Monday...

"Don't forget you are loved" - A little note in the couter paper bin at Service Canada today!


That totally suits my day, as it was a busy one! I was out today doing a bunch of running around until almost mid afternoon. I had to go to Service Canada for a few things, off to pick up a few things at the drug store, went to the health food store at Covent Garden Market since we were downtown, popped into City Lights (used book store) and also grabbed the Magic Passes (pre-game tickets so you can do tricks and get photos with the players!) at Budweiser Gardens to the Globetrotters World Tour Show for the kids! They ended up being almost $20.00 cheap by buying them in person than online too!! So I'm glad I did that instead!

Then I came home to do some housework, inhale some coffee, make dinner and start on a custom order - which did not work out to my favour. *sigh* She wanted a "variation" of my Slimline Wallet, but once you start working with layers & layers of fabric & interfacing, well, sewing with cotton is a little different than a bag/wallet company that doesn't use fabrics that can fray etc...

I feel bad that I couldn't do what she had asked as she was really excited for it, but either I'm just not wrapping my head around how it can be done without massive bulk, or it's not possible. I honestly thought that I could pull it off, but it just didn't happen. I've offered her a full refund on her custom order and will be listing the wallet at a discounted price as there is a small "glitch" with it that bugs me, but probably wouldn't bother someone else. I do love that people have so much faith in me, but when you don't sew, sometimes things simply can't be done the same way as wallets which are literally made by the thousands. And many that cost almost nearly as much!!

Anyways... here's my wallet:




She asked for:

  • 16 card slots - check!
  • 2 cash pockets - check!
  • Inner zipper pocket - no go.

I ended up putting the zipper on the outer back panel, however, you have to flip the wallet over then over again to open it rather than just flipping it over from the front of the wallet. If that makes any sense to anyone. The zipper should have been near the upper edge of the wallet, near the flap, and instead it's closer to the centre of the wallet. Stupid mistake on my part, and I really don't feel like tearing the entire thing apart to try again... *sigh*

It turned out really cute all the same, but unfortunately it's not what she had asked me to do.

Can't win them all, can we?

Edit: She loves it & I feel sooo much better about life!! I felt so guilty... I am going to include a couple "thank-you for still loving it" items however!