Good things...
How to get *pointy* corners on your zipper pouches!

This is a public service announcement...

And it's really only meant for one person who likes to go by many, many names on my blog, but the most popular names that this ONE woman chooses to use most often are: "Maggie", "Megan", "Terry", "Tammy", along with a few others...
Now, you can obviously tell that by this point I am *quite* annoyed by you, so if that was your end goal, congratulations!! You have officially annoyed the hell out of me!
Why you choose to obsess about me, continue stalk me, and yes, I do mean stalk, I will never be able to figure out. Do you not have any friends or family? Are you that upset with the world that you have to keep coming back to my blog to harrass me? Do you not have a place of employment to keep you busy, or perhaps a hobby you could partake in, instead of worrying about my life?
My life, my children, my bank account, my husband, etc... are all MY business. Period. What I choose to share on my blog is what I choose to share, so, therefore, if I'm not choosing to share certain things about MY LIFE it means, that unfortunately for you, I didn't want to share them! I understand that this may be hard for you to cope with, especially since you've been so intent on following me around for the last what... four plus years? It was almost 5 years ago that I had to first block you from posting nasty comments my blog. Gotta hand it to you, you do have dedication!
The thing with Typepad is that it's an excellent blogging platform with lots of cool info available to the owner of the blog. So, because I have your info through your nasty comments, I know *exactly* where you live, your postal code, what street you live on, what city and province you live in, etc... so you're not exactly as "anonymous" as you perhaps think you are.***
My best advice for you from here on in, is to move on... I know it's going to be hard for you, but I have faith in you! You can do it!! Make some friends, pick up a book, join a club, try a new hobby, perhaps crosswords would keep your hands & mind busy, just find something else to obsess over... 'cause I'm done.