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Thursday things... budget & menu plan!


Every Thursday is payday for Dh so I do my budget crunching, grocery shopping, running around & menu planning for the week! This week we have $335.00 for the week which is once again for a family of 6 since my oldest is back home again! I'm expecting the price of a couple of our bills to go up (hydro/water mainly) and our grocery bill as well. So I'm bound & determined to make a weekly menu plan and stick to it! I also have a slush fund in place which I try to keep floating around the $1K mark. This is our sinking funds and used for anything extra that pops up and our regular budget wouldn't allow for.

Last night I combed over the flyers and decided to shop at Sobey's & Food Basic's this week. We have about 5 grocery stores within a few mile radius, so I tend to pick and choose by who has what on sale. I know I can price match etc, but I don't have the time to put into that right now, so I just try to shop the sales instead.

This week I spent $35.00 on "household" items, dishwasher tabs, paper towel, bathroom tissue, a no-spill cup & dish soap. Then between Sobey's & Food Basic's onn groceries I spent $195.00 for the week and was able to grab a few things on sale that'll help for next weeks menu plan! Here's what I have on the menu for Dh & the kids for the week, more or less. I have food allergies along with my 2nd oldest, so we only eat a "whole foods" diet.

  • Meatball subs
  • Pizza
  • BBQ ribs & fries
  • Spaghetti with meat sauce & garlic bread
  • Hamburgers & fries
  • Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies.
  • I'm leaving one night open for leftovers or something fast & easy!

What else will our budget need to cover this week...

  1. I have tickets to see "Vigilante" at the Grand Theatre for a 7:30 show next week. The shows generally last 2 - 2 1/2 hours with the intermission. We're going to bus to the show, but I'm not wandering around downtown at 10 pm, so we're going to arrange a Checker Limo pick up after the show. For those wondering, Checker is a cab company that always very nice & clean cars and they offer flat rates from point A to B.

I think that's it really... no plans this week. Except maybe going to a movie... but I have a gift card to use for that.

And since we're at the beginning of February I have another savings goal for the month which is to bump up our down payment fund up to the next $ thousand mark. I just added a lump, so I need to add another $400.00 to hit that number! I think I can pull it off... we shall see!

On that note I'm off... its 2:24 pm, I need more coffee - I've been busy, out and on the go all day, so I need to start my sewing for the day and get dinner going soon too! Have a fabulous day my friends!!


Do you have any savings goals for February?