Just another manic Monday...
Good things...

Tuesday 'To Do' list....


Tuesday 'to do' list...

  1. Girls Hs'ing
  2. Patchwork pouch & matching keyfob
  3. Custom Camera strap with pocket
  4. Balance budget - we're over this week. *sigh*
  5. Call my gma
  6. Clean & scrub upper bathroom
  7. Deposit 2 chqs *will probably balance me out.
  8. Call library to renew books as it won't let me online
  9. Laundry x2 loads
  10. Read 3 chapters of my book
  11. Finish epp block
  12. Tidy & dust sewing desk
  13. Arrange Checker cab pick-up for tomorrow night at the Grand
  14. Look into ticket pricing for a show in May at the Grand Theatre *LOVE live theatre, as you can see as I try to see pretty much every play at the Grand!
  15. Catch up on emails. Sort, reply, delete!
  16. Tidy, declutter, dust & sweep living room.

And I think that's my Tuesday! Good thing I have nowhere to be today... enjoy your day!


What's on your 'to do' list today?