A little update on my morning post...
Silly me...

5+ good things, 1 bad thing.

Good things!!

1. I received my MM Cork Supply order today and have to say, I'm happy that I went for this cheetah print along with the rest of my order! It's absolutely adorable and I can't wait to make something with it!! I think I'll definitely be making a wallet or two with this for the Spring Merry Makers Fair along with perhaps a card wallet or two and a passport wallet would be awesome in it as well!!



2. My sister felt bad for me when I fell the other day and made me another handful of these fun rainbow zipper charms! Aren't they just fabulous!? I think this week I'm going to make a pouch that'll show off one of these sweet little guys! I love them!


3. I'm excited to share that I'm on the DailyLike Canada design team for Spring 2017! DailyLike has the sweetest fabrics and absolutely adorable zakka inspired items! Watch for my creations with their wonderful products coming later this month!


4. Even though it's only been 48 hours since I fell and landed on my wrist, it's feeling so much better!! Thank-you so much for everyones concern & well wishes! I do wish the raw chunk on my hand would scab over as it's very tender, but the swelling has gone down a lot and I'm able to actually move it today! I have a lot on my plate right now so having one hand out of commission just won't fly right now!

5. My Pre-ordered Tabby Road from Tangled Blossoms will be on the way to me *very soon*!! This is just the cutest line and people usually LOVE Tula fabrics, so I'm hoping my customers love this line as well!



1 Bad thing... sorta.

Last week we purchased a laptop from Best Buy, but ended up taking it back today. It just wasn't up to par, it was "pixel'y" and the lighting was poor, even at 100%. It just wasn't worth the money we sunk into it unfortunately, so we've decided to clear off our current MacBook Pro and it will only be used for school from here on in. The girls aren't happy about that, as it was our 'shared family computer' but, priorities.

Taking back the HP laptop put a chunk of change back into our bank account, which is a good thing, but they wanted to dock me $100.00 for the 'set up' fee, which didn't impress me obviously. In the end I decided to keep the monthly virus protection and service fees for the next 6 months ($15/month) and will move that plan over to the MacBook instead. So we'll get it cleared off and back to new and hand it over to child #2 for University and studying!

And one more good thing, my mom offered the girls her little netbook computer for their games which is absolutely awesome! I wouldn't have bought them a new laptop just for their games, so this way they're not sad about losing the family computer, and will have something to play their flash games on!

Well I'm off for the night, I didn't have a 'to do' list today so I feel like I didn't do much at all, which is probably better for my wrist anyways. However, I think I'm going to write myself a list for tomorrow and see how I make out with it! I am out for a bit in the afternoon but am hoping to have a "lightly" productive day as my sewing commitments 'runneth over', and I definitely without a doubt do not have the luxury of taking too much time off from sewing!

Ok.. have a fabulous night everyone!