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Five (frugal) things Friday!

  1. I noticed that one of my items at Loblaws scanned in incorrectly yesterday and was able to use the "Scanning Code of Practice" to get the item free. It was a pkg of mini muffins that scanned in at the wrong price. I knew they were on sale so when I mentioned it, asking it to be corrected, it came up as incorrect, so she rescanned and gave me the item for free! Yay! Free muffins! I'm told they're delicious. LoL! Savings: $3.99
  2. We returned the HP Laptop we purchased at BestBuy and decided to clear off our family MacBook and give it to child #2 instead of starting with a new one. It's now as "good as new" once again. My mom gave the girls a little notebook she wasn't using to play their flash games on, so it worked out well! Savings: $500.00
  3. I put that $500.00 refund back into our savings account instead of letting it get used up on this & that!
  4. I'm taking the kids to Ray's Reptile Zoo next week (March Break) and they have a promo if you share their post on FB and snap a pic of if to show at the door, you can get in for an admission price of $44.00, rather than $52.00. The kids love this guy and all of his creatures (I personally don't "love" going as there are GINORMOUS snakes slithering around), but they're uber excited so it's all worth it in the end! Savings: $8.00
  5. I *really* want a new leather moto type jacket as the 'faux leather' one I'm wearing right now is toast, (it's peeling which looks really classy... lol!) so I looked at a bunch yesterday while we were out, even though I did like a couple of them, I put them back on the hangers. I'll probably wait till fall to look for a real leather jacket instead and make do with the jackets I do have. Savings: $100.00+

Now, I am not the most frugal person to be sure, but hey, it's the little victories right? What did you do this week to save money?