My first DailyLikeCanada brand ambassador box of goodies!
I did it...

Floating through the day...



I have been going aimlessly through the day today... Mya's meds are starting to kick in I think as she hasn't been laying on the couch all day which is wonderful! She's still sick, but I see a definite improvement! However, we haven't slept much in the last 48 hours and I am definitely feeling it. A few hours of sleep a night totally does me in, so tonight, I'm crossing my fingers that we both get a good nights sleep!! I'll give Mya a warm bubble bath with some lavendar bubble bath to help her relax and with any luck she'll have a much easier time falling asleep tonight than she has, which then will lead to my getting a good nights rest! See how that all works?

The house was a mess today so I called all the kids to the living room and told them to start cleaning! We spent about about an hour and a half cleaning the house and it looks *much better* now! I feel like I can breathe once again. Still it's not perfect, but not bad overall honestly. A few things still need done, (dusting and bathrooms and mounds of laundry) but I can put those things on my list (and get the kids to help) for tomorrow.

Moving on, today I received 3 fabric orders... (eep) so that was a very happy mail day for me! LOL!! This lovely bundle above from Sew Stitching Happy (U.S) (fox, bear, racoon or dog?), a small order from Mad about Patchwork (Cdn) and a huge order from Tangled Blossoms (Cdn) which is my new pre-ordered Tabby Road bundle!! If you'd like to see it up close & personal, check out my FB page or my IG account (@cpeicheff) as I posted a video showing all the prints.

I think I need something to pick me up as it's only going on 5:30 pm and I'm ready to crash, so I'm going to put on a pot of coffee, grab a snack and start on one of my custom orders. I need to rewrite my orders and see how many I can fit in till the end of March. I'm seriously debating closing my customs for the 2 months and focusing on my new design team work, a few other sewing commitments, perhaps a few RTS items (ready to ship, premade items) and starting to prep for the Spring Merry Makers Fair in May... it's a LONG time to close though, so I really don't know.

My stress & anxiety levels are high right now, and I honestly think I just need a break. A longer break than 2 days. Cause my weekends are never really a "break". I know *many* people who refuse to sew custom work for others, as it is a *LOT* more work than simply sewing what you want, when you want and listing the items for sale. Customs are very time consuming and not every custom order goes smoothly and quickly. Sometimes they take a lot of back and forth, and honestly they can suck up hours and hours before I can even begin an order! Then something comes up and I fall "behind" my own schedule and I stress. 'Cause that's what I do... place unrealistic expectations on myself then get discouraged when they don't happen. LOL!!

I do enjoy sewing customs and it's proven very fruitful for me, but maybe I just need a nice break to re-energize and be creative on my own terms & time again.

I don't know...

Ok... coffee is calling, I'll be back tomorrow with "Five Things Friday"! Enjoy your day my friends!!