Five (frugal) things Friday!
Tuesday Things... (lots of rambling)

I admire creativity...


So often I see people copy others, and honestly, with handmade, it's all been done before, in one way or another. We are ALL inspired to create by others, but what gets me is when people copy to the *exact* letter... nothing is changed, nothing is done to perhaps try to make it their own, no unique twist, nothing that says, "Oh! I know who made that!!".

And that makes me kinda sad... at this point of the game I'm honestly over it, but I feel bad for those who are knocked off without so much of a mention "this is inspired by.... " and so on and so forth. Just 100% copied and passed off as their own. It's been done to me many times, and I'm *so very* grateful for those who give me credit for my patterns and my original designs, etc...

My advice to anyone starting out in a handmade business (or any honestly!) is to make your items *your own*! Make your work stand out, come up with your own style, your own unique twist on things you create. I don't tag my items, (honestly I'm not a fan of big tags on handmade items, but I do realize that's 100% me!) but people still recognize my items from my style, my designs & my workmanship! And to me that means I stand out from the rest, and that's what we should want from our business. Not to simply be a "dime in a dozen", but to be original, unique & different!

On that note, I'm off to be creative... enjoy your day!