Floating through the day...
DailyLike Canada project #1...

I did it...



This is a HUGE leap of faith on my part, and I'm going to have to watch our budget like a hawk, but I am truly hoping that I've made the right decision. I have a lot on the go right now and need time to be sure all my commitments are filled to the very best of my abilities! 

  • Sewing items for Spring Quilt Market 2017 - I am very excited to share the designer & new "to be released" fabric line, but I can't just yet! (End of April)
  • Daily Like Canada design work (3 month term)
  • ADORNit! girl design work (3 month term)
  • Customs are filled till the end of March
  • Spring Merry Makers Fair (May 7th) 
  • Book release project for "Weekend Quilting" (May 1st)
  • Mini Hoop swap (Instagram) (end of March) 
  • Heather Ross mini quilt swap (Instagram) (end of May) 
  • Tiny Florals Anonymous Swap (Instagram and i'm hosting) (end of May)
  • Two 9" quilt blocks for a quilt - these will be part of a surprise quilt for a deployed soldier (due ASAP) 
  • I want to make a couple of gifts that have been on my "to do" list forever
  • RTS items made throughout the next 2 months to list & sell on my page & IG (I hope!)
  • My #2017sewingbookchallenge for Instagram. I haven't had time to sew something from a sewing book yet this month, so need to squeeze it in ASAP! 

That's all I can remember right now, and nothing else is in my planner, so hopefully I'm not forgetting anything! Anyways, as you can see, "my cup runneth over", and I need that amazing thing called "time" by my side. 

And on that note, I'm off to knock a custom or two perhaps, off of my sewing list! Enjoy your day!