5+ good things, 1 bad thing.
Tomorrow come hell or high water...

Silly me...


Sometimes I am far too busy and preoccupied for my own good... well, most times to be honest. I am in a hoop swap on Instagram and since it's my first hoopart swap, actually even my first timetrying a piece of hoop art, I had been thinking soo hard about what I wanted to do...

I finally came up with an idea and got to work, hoping my partner would love it!

Well... you know how they say, "measure twice, cut once", the same applies to most things in life, including reading and paying attention to rules and directions.

This little hoop is supposed to be 2.2" at the largest. Mine is 4". Oops. *forehead smack*

Back to square one... lol!

I'm off to bed but shall return tomorrow... night!