Silly me...
Five (frugal) things Friday!

Tomorrow come hell or high water...


I am staying HOME.

This week has been insanely busy. Actually the last couple weeks have been busy, but especially this week as I've been out every single day and it's starting to show. The house is a mess, laundry piles runneth over, I'm behind on my sewing, I'm behind on my emails, behind on pms, have mile long 'to do' lists, so on and so forth. I need some time to stay home & play catch up!

So tomorrow, I hope nothing comes up so I can stay home, work on my 'to do' list, make a small dent in the housework, and just catch up on everything that's hanging over my head! I need to have an uber productive day to bring me back to my happy place... let's hope tomorrow is it!!

On that note, I need sleep. Sorry for the short post, I'll be back tomorrow with "Five Frugal Things", (budgeting is another thing I need to get back to!) Ok.. enjoy your evening!!

PS - if you're reading and have any FAQ's for me, I thought i'd do a post on FAQ's soon, so please email me with any questions you may have that would make a good blog post! (As per usual, any snarky or over the top questions/emails from fake/anonymous people will be deleted/ignored).