I admire creativity...
My first DailyLikeCanada brand ambassador box of goodies!

Tuesday Things... (lots of rambling)


4:00pm and i've already used up most of my day! I was up bright & early at 6am with a sick little girl... then my father in law showed up for grocery shopping (I shop for him and my grandmother in law), then I decided I should probably try to get Mya into see the Dr as she wasn't looking, nor sounding so good. It was good that I did though because she's on a prescription now for a throat infection. After the dr's we did our groceries (this little old lady kept LITERALLY pushing my food on the belt, shoved inbetween me and the cart to get to the till etc.. I was flabbergasted and it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut, but wow...!!) and by the time I got home it was 1:30. Then I had to put away groceries, feed Mya lunch, give her first dose of her prescription, so on and so forth. I just finished eating breakfast myself and am chugging a coffee before I get the rest of my day started... it's going to be a long day.

So last night I decided to go through my pricelist and adjust some of my prices, mostly on my wallets. I have many friends who are selling wallets with my patterns and they are selling (and getting!) much better pricing on their wallets than I am! My wallets have literally been the same price since I started making them, and unfortunately my costs have went up quite a bit, but so has my workmanship with more experience! I can say confidently that I do make beautiful wallets, and I know people absolutely love them! So, I bumped up the pricing on some of my wallets according to whether fabric or cork outers are preferred to reflect my costs/time/skill level and I am adding a few new items to my list, and probably take a few off that don't really sell well.

On another note, I had a BIG announcement to share with you, but I won't be sharing now. For my own sanity, I turned the position down. It was a major one, so I may regret it, but for now, something had to give, and that was it.

Ultimately I decided in the end that it would probably do me in to take on something else, especially longer term. I would have to cut down on customs (which I need) and would also have to say 'no' to any other sewing opportunities that come my way over the next year, which I *really* didn't want to do! Seeing as I have two new sewing design team positions for the next 3 months (ADORNit! and Daily Like Canada) along with a couple of other projects! I've been asked by another fabric designer to sew for Spring Market again (eep!! Still secret though!), I have a book release sewing project I'm working on for Jemima Flendt (Weekend Quilting) I can tell you the book is AWESOME, so you may want to pre-order it!!

Well it's now time for me to start Dh's dinner, my coffee is almost gone and I have a large custom order that I was hoping to cross off of my list today! A Sew Together Bag along with 2 card wallets, so I'd better get things moving or today will be a total write-off, and time wise, I can't afford that!

I'll be back tomorrow with photos of my first design team box from Daily Like Canada! It's scrumptious!!!

Enjoy your day!!