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Weekend Happenings...


Good Morning! Well here in London, Ontario, we have winter once again... a layer of snow on the ground and bitter cold temperatures. *sigh* I was quite enjoying our (extremely early global warming) touch of spring however! Oh well, I guess I can deal with a bit more winter knowing that spring has to be here sooner or later to stay!

This weekend I don't have any plans to go anywhere at all, which is a good thing 'cause like I said, it's cold & snowy. I haven't been sleeping well, so I'm quite content to hang out at home with the kids anyways! I completed a handful of custom orders last week which means that I'm focusing on "selfish sewing" this weekend! I'll need to write out my custom sewing list for next week and choose my 'day off' as well. I'm focusing on 4 days of customs with 3 days for my own personal sewing and other sewing obligations now. Those 4 days need to be chosen well and productive! I find that prepping for an order the night before really helps... if I iron, cut fabrics & interfacings, pull notions I'll need the rest of the orders goes by much faster! Just prepping for an order can take me a good hour alone!

A few things I'm hoping to make some progress on this weekend:

  • I'm working on my hexie idea for the Very Berry Hoop Art swap on Instagram I joined. I sure hope my partner likes my idea as I've never done anything like this before. My plan is to make a handstitched epp hexie panel, then I'll add batting behind it and add some hand quilting and sequins to it. My hoop is 4" around so this will be a sweet little piece when it's done I hope!
  • I think I'm going to have an Easter mini quilt pattern to test, which looks sooo sweet and I can't wait to get the pattern in my inbox! I'm going to need to "multi-task" with this pattern as this will be absolutely perfect for another gig I have that will need a couple items completed by the end of the month! I can't share just yet, but *very soon*! I hope to pull fabrics and at least cut the blocks this weekend...
  • I need to work on my own Tiny Florals Anonymous swap! Ideally I'll get a bunch of people matched up this weekend along with 25 emails sent out this weekend! And I'm hoping my co-host can do the same, so that would knock almost half of our swap emails off of our list! This would be a very good thing!
  • Pkg up all orders that are getting picked up. This is driving me slightly crazy to be honest. I have at least 8 orders which are waiting to be picked up, I understand if you're local it's great to save $$ on shipping, but I may have to start putting a time limit on how long before a local custom must be picked up before I ask for shipping $ instead. I really don't mind pick up, but once I have a big pile of orders sitting and waiting, well, it gets harder to track and it seems like it's just "one more thing" on my list I have to make sure I get done and keep track of. I don't think pick-up within a week is unreasonable... ?

As for other non-sewing things I need to accomplish this weekend...

  • Clear off the MacBook Pro. We ended up purchasing a new HP laptop and we're honestly unwhelmed with it and it's going back on Monday. I'm going to break it to the girls that the Mac is "off limits" now - it's their games that slow it down, (they won't be happy, but such is life, not like they don't have other things/technology/toys to play with) and we're going to try to get it nice and clear for child #2. It's only 2 years old so I'm thinking (and hoping?) that it really should be good for a while longer, especially if it's cleared off without games and whatnot on it!
  • Laundry, laundry & a bit more laundry. Washed, dried or hung up and put away. Not left in a basket in my living room all week.. haha!
  • Look for new furniture. I was going to wait until we moved/bought a house but at this point I honestly don't know what we're doing and I'm soo tired of our furniture. It's in bad, bad shape. I'm not being fussy here, it desperately needs replaced and I'm sick of looking at it and everyone would love something comfortable to sit on. I'm just going to scope out furniture online for now and see what I can find. I really would love a L-shaped couch, without a lot of bulk. Comfortable, but not massive as we really don't have the room for that. Anyways, we shall see...
  • Emails. I need to read, reply, sort, delete and so on...
  • Edit the remainder of photos from the photo shoot I did 2 weekends ago. I don't have many more photos to finish, so I'd like to get them done and sent off. My iPad has been freezing a lot lately and I don't have a lot of room on it, so these huge files need to be cleared off so my iPad runs optimally!

And I think that's about it for me this weekend!


What are you up to this weekend? Have any fun plans?