Sunday Things..
My 'baby' is 10 today!!

11 days left...

There are just 11 days left till the Spring Merry Makers Fair & it is arriving fast! Eek! I've been sewing like crazy but still have so much more to go! It seems like I'm not ready so I *really* need to focus and get as much done as I can every single day, probably with some sewing at night. Which I generally don't do as I have early mornings. Early mornings and late nights suck. April has been insanely busy and May is going to be the same.
Mya's birthday is this Wednesday (2 days) and her party is this Saturday. Today we were out for a good part of the day as it was gorgeous and I promised them lunch out. I hate to be stuck inside sewing every single day so I try to get out as much as I can and then I have to squeeze in sewing time when I can. I lost a couple days of sewing with that stupid head cold I had (thankfully it only lasted 3 days), but still... that's a fair chunk of time to not be uber productive.
I've been working away on wristlets tonight... I cut cork bottoms for 7 of these gorgeous Clematis wristlets and decided to get one fully complete to give me motivation to finish the rest as I had never made this pattern and wasn't sure if I'd like it or not. I actually didn't read the pattern at all (I never do), I just printed off the pattern pieces and went to town. I'm glad I finished it though because I love it!! It's a really nice size and will hold my slimline wallet in it no problem along with a cell phone, keys, lipstick, etc... this is the first of 7 that I'll have at the craft fair. I chose natural cork for the bottoms for each of them as it's very "summery" and light, which is the look I'm going after!



At this rate I honestly don't know when I'll be able to reopen my customs. I need to get more sewing crossed off my list after I'm done sewing for the craft fair as well. I'm going to have my peices in 2 different shops starting in May and June! Eep! Which means I need to get some stock built up and hope I've made the right decision! I'm hoping to move more to RTS (Ready to Ship) and shop sales, but it's just finding the *right* shops is all, and that's no easy feat. However, the one shop I'm going in is ran by the same person who runs the Merry Makers Fair and she is simply crazy awesome! She knows how to advertise well and is a social media whiz, so I'm hoping that favours my choice & pays off. The other is a totally online market which is really neat and very new!! I'm really excited for both, so we'll see how things go!

Well I'm going to go clean up the kitchen, see about finding something for dinner and am going to throw on a pot of coffee so I can get more wristlet fabrics cut tonight! Ideally I'll get all the fabrics pulled and cut tonight, but we shall see how long that caffeine works for... *wink*

Have a wonderful night!!