Thursday things...

A fun, new DailyLike Canada Croc wallet... for me!

This is going to be a short post... it's been a long & busy, but great day! Tomorrow is my daughter's 14th birthday, so I have another full & busy day ahead. I won't be around much tomorrow, and I know that I'm behind on emails & PM's, but April is insanely busy for me, but I do promise I'll get back to anyone who is waiting on a reply for whatever, very soon!
I'm currently tying balloons & hanging streamers with child #2, I just cleaned the kitchen, unloaded the dishwasher and put on another load, I have a load of laundry staring at me, waiting to be folded & put away. A bit more housework to be done, but I'm hoping that my head hits the pillow before 1:30 am because Maria was hoping I'd wake up early with her, which means I'm not getting much sleep tonight. The things I do for my kids... lol!
Last night I spent a few hours playing with some of the fabrics that I received in my design team box from DailyLike Canada. This Crocodile print I thought was so fun!! I'd been saving it 'till inspiration struck and last night I decided that it would make the cutest NCW (Necessary Clutch Wallet) for myself!
It's quirky & cute, great for the busy spring & summer months ahead!




I used the following prints from DailyLike Canada for this:

And on that note I'm off for the night to finish up here, thanks for peeking in!