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A pretty combo...

Fair warning, I'm exhausted, so this is going to be a short post...

Fabrics: "Charleston" by Amy Sinibaldi - purchased at Country Clothesline.

Pattern: It's my new "Patchwork Linen Pencil Pouch" pattern minus the linen and substitute natural cork with gold flecks.

Zipper charm: My sister made it.

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Button: Etsy.








Merry Makers Fair is next Sunday and I need to make the very most of the week ahead which means I need to be uber productive and avoid distractions. Tomorrow I may pull out everything out that I have made so far, just so I can do a 'once over' and see what I still need. I avoided making little fussy items as I generally don't make those anyways, so I know I have lots of pouches and wallets and wristlets. When I first started the Merry Maker craft fairs people told me to make lower priced items, fussy little items, etc.. but that's not me. So I decided to stay true to my own style and stuck to what I usually sew, instead of adding in a bunch of fussy little low cost things that I don't make any other time.

Today I finished 4 cork NCW's and I have fabrics pulled for 6 more. I'm hoping to finish them on Wednesday which would leave me a few days for other items... which I'll decide on soon!!

On that note I'm off to find something to eat - my meals have definitely been an "afterthought" lately... oops!

Enjoy your evening!


6 Things I Refuse To Do With My Business!

  1. I won't reply to questions where the answer is glaringly obvious any longer. There are not enough hours in my day and I'm getting increasingly annoyed that people don't take the time to *READ* my posts with ALL of the information already included. That would give them everything they need... which fabric I used, where I purchased it from, fabric designer, pattern designer, what the item is called, so on and so forth. I give out SO. MUCH. MORE. Information then most others do and it's still not enough. Sometimes i'm tempted to simply stop giving away any information at all and let everyone figure it out for themselves like I do!
  2. I won't copy anyone else's work. I do my own thing, I have my own style and I have my own preferences. If you want something from me that looks like "Girl A's item" go purchase it from "Girl A". I find this so disrespectful to the original artist. That people take pics of someone elses work and come to me asking me if I'll "make it just like that". Ummm no. I won't.
  3. I won't get annoyed or waste time stressing out about people copying me. It happens often, and although it's not ideal, it's not a big enough deal for me to lose sleep over. Nothing I can do about it so it's not worth my time or energy. Everything has been done before. Nothing is new, or has been new since the dawn of time.
  4. I won't undervalue my time or talent. My prices are fine just the way they are and I even reserve the right to up them when my material costs go up or I improve the item, etc... I won't "undercut" to make a sale if "Jane" sells for $15.00 less than me, that's fine. That is her price and what she feels her work is worth. I feel my work is worth what I charge for it. I am extremely grateful for everyone's support and since people purchase my work, I believe they feel it's worth it!
  5. I won't hem your pants. I won't make you a tutu. I won't bake your birthday cake. I won't screen print your motorcycle club tshirts. I sometimes wonder if people actually LOOK at my page before they msg me? LOL!!!
  6. I won't fix an item that you bought from another crafter. I'm sorry that you decided to buy cheap, now it's falling apart and the quality is not what you expected. However, that's not my issue to fix. I suggest you contact whomever you purchased it from for a fix/refund/exchange, or buy new from someone else. Like me. My stuff doesn't fall apart. *wink*

And I think that about covers it!! I'm much more confident and secure with my work and business practices than I was when I first started. I have learned so very much through hard work, blood, sweat and tears along with trial and error! It's amazing what knowledge you learn when you learn it first hand! I do suggest it to everyone!

Enjoy your day, I have a busy one so I'm off!!


My 'baby' is 10 today!!


My 'baby' is now 10 and loving every single minute of it! I truly don't know how time goes by so quickly, but I do enjoy these wonderful days with my 'older kids'! I know everyone always seems to miss the baby & toddler days, but I don't know... it's really nice now that my kids are more independent and happy all the time. There are no temper tantrums, no diapers, no screaming, (little) arguing, they sleep all night, they don't throw food, we can pick up and go easily, it's just really amazing.

Today we're taking it easy with Mya wanting to play outside all day, as per usual. She is independent, sassy, outgoing, cat obsessed, loves live theatre like her mother, (we go as often as we can!) and absolutely loves being outside morning till night, and is truly in her element in nature!!

She's asked for a "BIG birthday dinner" consisting of roasted chicken, potatoes, veggies & gravy. We'll have cake to finish that off with her party being on Saturday for her and her friends. Her party will consist of a stuff animal stuffing activitiy, pizza, snacks, decorating cupcakes and playing games. I'll have a housefull of little girls so she should have a lot of fun and I'll be ready to call it a day at dinner time. Hahaha!!

For her gifts, she received this beautiful "Cinderella Birthday" dress and had to wear it for a bit this morning to show it off. We bought this one and a longer blue and white Cinderella Disney dress from the Disney Shop after Christmas on sale. They've been on her *wishlist* for a long, long time. She also received a new kitten (stuffed, 'cause one is enough for us!) a beautiful handmade coin purse with $10.00 inside to hold her allowance that I bought from a friend on Instagram, a handmade dream catcher I purchased at the last Merry Makers Fair, some outdoor chalk and neon chalk paint, and a new skirt from Carters that has a glittery sheen to it, so she loves it.

She received a bunch of outdoor toys piled into a big bucket from my sister that her and her friends have been playing with around the clock as well! She also received a nice gift card to Chapters which we'll go spend next week sometime as Maria has one too! So the girls are itching to get to the book store... who can blame them!?

So far she's enjoying her birthday which will be stretched out till Saturday apparently. *wink*

On that note I'm off for now, my to do runneth over as per usual so I'd better be productive and see what I can accomplish today!! Have a wonderful day!