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April Goals...

Running on empty...


My laundry baskets runneth over... along with all the rest of my housework.

I've really over-loaded myself for April/May and i'm now feeling & seeing the full effects of that.

I have something on my list that I said yes to, and is due in about a week and a half, that I think I'm going to be late, even with express shipping. This brings on guilt. *sigh*

We were going to start "house-hunting" this month, but it doesn't "feel" right yet... is that weird? I feel like I'm walking around in a bubble lately...

I see so many pristine & beautiful house photos on my social media feeds and they seem to have it all together so very well. I need to remind myself that I'm surely not the only one who feels like I'm barely keeping it together right now, although sometimes it feels like it.

I'm simply trying to take it day by day & crossing things off my "to do" list as I can. With each & every little checkmark i'm feeling a little less overwhelmed.

I've been having dizzy spells for the last 2 days which are not helping my cause... I feel like the rooms are spinning which is a weird sensation and not something I quite enjoy. No idea why... although I am utterly exhausted.

And I just realized that I double booked myself in May and now I'm wondering how and if I can even fix it... *sigh*

Tomorrow morning I'm writing down absolutely *everything* in my planner with due dates and reminders so I don't mess anything else up! Ugh!!

On that note, it's after midnight and once again I'm going to be in bed uber late 'cause I still need to clean the kitchen before my head hits the pillow.

Tomorrow is a new day...