Well doesn't that figure...
My Top English Paper Piecing Resources with a few tips!


Today was actually pretty productive even though I'm running on only a few hours of sleep. Mya didn't sleep well last night which means I didn't sleep well last night. She can't sleep upstairs as it's too hot and stuffy, so I set her up on the couch and I'll snuggle up with her again tonight. She fell asleep about an hour ago which is a good thing! I hope she sleeps well tonight, she's sooo stuffy and she gets all worked up and ends up gasping for breath which makes her cry. :( Poor baby... I feel so bad for her, so hoping that a good, full night of sleep works its magic for her!

Onwards, I managed to get a chunk of 2 items on my list accomplished today which in the end will "kill not 2 birds, but 3 with one stone" which makes me happy and is a huge relief to me right now honestly! I'll be sharing a few pics tomorrow.

I'm waiting on a couple fabric orders, which I was hoping for today, (nope) but in the meantime my cork order did arrive which means I have new cork to play with! I sold this amazing Giraffe print cork leather passport holder and have an order for another, so need to whip up another and get it in the mail tomorrow if possible. I posted a video on Instagram if anyone wants to see my new cork! (@cpeicheff) if you don't follow me already!



I also pulled and cut a stack of scraps to make patchwork pencil pouches for the Merry Makers Fair! 1 of these is for an order, but the other 8 will be up for grabs in May! I'm going to pair with linen and either zipper charms or tassels... I haven't decided yet. I hope to get these done tomorrow if Mya is feeling a bit better. Unfortunately it's supposed to pour and thunderstorm all day so we'll be stuck in the house. Even though Mya is sick she was so happy to spend a few hours outside today in the front yard. We played with bubbles, sand and just enjoyed the sun and the warmth.



If I actually get these all done tomorrow I'll be thrilled to bits honestly! I do have the patchwork panels sewn together now but that's all I have the energy to do.

I was hoping to get out tomorrow to grocery shop but it looks like the chances are slim to none. So, I texted Dh a small list and asked him to grab a few things for now and I'll be creative with what's in the house for a couple of days. I was going to bus to the grocery store and cab home, but not doing that in a storm, I'd rather just keep using up what's in the house!

Anyways.. I'm exhausted. I'm going to sign off for the night and hope that I get some sleep tonight! Night!