Our Easter Sunday plans...

Well doesn't that figure...


Mya has strep throat, and as per usual, it came on fast & furious! I'm going to assume she picked it up at the Globetrotters game the other day during the pre-game show with oodles of kids all sharing the same balls etc. Mya just doesn't do well when she's thrown in with hundreds of other kids. She plays with her friends all the time around here and rarely gets anything, but throw her somewhere like a children's museum, play place, adventure land for kids, etc.. and 9 out of 10 times, she'll get sick.

Her birthday is in a little over a week so she's hoping to be feeling much better by then as we had plans to go bowling, mini golfing, shopping, etc... I'm going to make sure she gets lots of sleep this week and that should help her along.

We just received our Wal-Mart order with new pots & pans (we've had the same set for 20 years. They're "non-stick" and have been peeling forever. It was definitely time for an upgrade! I also stocked up on paper products and some pantry items.

Anyways, the boxes are nice & big so Mya is working on a 'cat fort' today... lol! It'll keep her happy and busy for a couple of hours anyways...



She's also watching Home & Garden shows. She loves the house flipping shows. I think when we're ready to buy she'll be able to decorate and plan out our house from top to bottom! Haha!

Switching gears here a bit, I did not sleep much last night at all. I was in and out of the washroom last night and this morning feeling naseaus so I'm really trying to go easy on myself today. I'm running on empty honestly. So today I think i'm just going to take it easy and work on a few things that need completed...

  • Top stitch my 12 cork slimline wallets & snap pics or a video. I'm leaning towards a video, it's faster & easier than snapping and editing a tonne of pics.
  • Fold a couple loads of laundry & get them put away.
  • Clear the upstairs hallway. The girls are in the middle of working on cleaning & decluttering their bedroom so the hallway is currently a 'holding place'. However, it's so crowded that I'm afraid someone is going to trip.
  • Finish planning a multi FB giveaway.
  • Clean & organize the kitchen. Wash new pots, toss the out pots. Wipe stuff down.
  • Pull a lasagna out of the freezer for dinner. I usually do homemade, but not tonight.

And seeing as it's already past 2:30 pm, that's plenty on my list for today. I need to perk up 'cause I feel like I'm going to crash & burn already.

On that note I'm off... I hope everyone has a wonderful day!