I'm still here!!
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A new product added to my line up...

I've had people asking me forever to make oil bags and I've made a few, but didn't love them as they just used elastic inside, which I'm not much of a fan of. So I sat down tonight to make my own design and came up with this...



This is going to be my "Large" sized pouch as it measures in at 4.5 x 10" and holds ten 15ml essential oil bottles with room to spare in the middle for other 'oily' odds & ends.

It's funny cause I don't use much in the way of oils so only had a couple of oil bottle rollers on hand and since I really wanted to make my own design I went on FB late last night and asked my followers if anyone nearby had any to spare! I had someone reply this morning and generously drop me off 8 empty bottles today so I'd have them for photos & sizing! Which makes my work much easier as I hate guessing on measurements because you never really get the perfect fit that way.

Now that I have a large pouch with just a couple of minor tweaks needed for the next one, I'm going to move onto a smaller pouch for the 5ml bottles which will fit into a smaller bag. Then I'm going to whip up a couple cork coin pouches & call it a night. I'm still absolutely exhausted. I know it'll take me a while to get back on track, it doesn't help that my stomach has been off for the last week and i'm not eating much at all either. This month is honestly really busy too, but I figure once June hits things will settle down a bit... for now, I just need to keep crossing things off of my "to do" list and meeting my deadlines for the month.

On that note... i need to get back to work! I hope everyone had a fabulous day! Watch my FB page for some RTS Oil pouches in the next week'ish!

Enjoy your evening!