When Things are Busy, Don't Forget what *really* Matters...
Kujira & Star Pencil Pouch... something for me!

My New Business Cards (and looking ahead to June!)


My new business cards from VistaPrint arrived today and they're just the prettiest cards ever! The rounded corners and the water colour print in such gorgeous colours is such a gorgeous combination, I absolutely love them. And it's a good thing since I ordered 1000 of them...



Don't worry, I only play with sharp scissors, I don't run with them.... hahahaha!

I didn't sew today at all... I left my sewing machine off all day and didn't even look at my to do list, which means it's all waiting for me tomorrow! At least I had a very relaxing and easy going day, truth be told, I really needed it. Tomorrow I'll need to be uber productive morning till night so I can get everything done, but such is life.

Once I get all my "May" sewing crossed off my list it's going to be such a relief honestly... I have things that I should have done by now, things I want to do for others, I have gifts to make, so on and so forth. I just want to get *EVERYTHING* done and be able to have a completely clear slate to start fresh with. So June is going to be my "get it all done & over with month". Tomorrow I'm going to make my list for the month and get stuff done!

I received notice today that my needle bar thread guide shipped, along with a new foot for my JUKI - I'll share more about my new foot after I receive it and try it out. Anyways, I ordered 2 thread guides just in case it snaps again on my machine. Thankfully it's not something that stops my machine from working, but it definitely needs replaced and this time I'll be far more careful with it. I tends to get in my way sometimes, but since it's part of my machine, I should definitely be more careful with it!

Well, it's almost midnight and my eyes are starting to close, I'm exhausted a full nights sleep sounds close to heavenly right now! Have a wonderful evening!