I'm starting to feel much "lighter"...
Almost through May...

Such a beautiful day...

Gorgeous bundle of goodness from DailyLike Canada

Today was a gorgeous, albeit, hot day! The mercury hit 35c (95F) but we managed to enjoy it morning till night! We visited the art museum this morning, which unfortunately had at least half of it blocked off! There wasn't even *ONE* painting up... a few rooms were available so we wandered where we could! There was a really neat "postcard" exhibit that we really enjoyed reading about!

This one was quite unique... lol!



Then home again for a bit to hang outside and play in the sprinkler (I more so watched... lol!) then I received a clothing order that I placed with "The Bay" earlier in the week. I opened it and surprise! They messed up my ENTIRE order, save for one tshirt. LoL!! Sooo... it all had to go back except for that one super soft organic tshirt. I have to wonder what the heck the packer was doing when she packed my order.. there was over $300 of UNORDERED items in my pkg! Ummm... hello?

I ordered pizza for dinner - way too hot to cook and I just didn't feel like it, so everyone (not me) had pizza then child #2 and I headed out to Masonville to get a refund on my messed up order... the woman working at the counter was stunned at how badly they messed up my order, and I just decided to get the full refund and look elsewhere. I was hoping to find a pair of denim capri's I liked, but no luck. So I bought stuff for the kids and grocery shopped instead. I did find myself 2 new pairs of pajama pants, 1 full length and 1 pair of capri length from "La Vie en Rose". I went right for the sale racks and found both pairs for the price of one of the newer pairs, so I was happy.

Both of my pj pants are koala themed.. 'cause I'm cool like that. The one capri pair is striped, and this is the other pair. I never buy matching shirts cause that's just too much cuteness for me.. haha! Plain tshirts work just as well...


After the mall we did some grocery shopping, came home to put things away and haven't done much of anything since. I did eat dinner, but that's about it. I'm absolutely exhausted.

Tomorrow I have sooo much to do I can't even think straight...

  • Complete 12 Essential oil pouches (all sold, sorry!)
  • Pkg orders to mail on Friday
  • Pull fabrics for new oil pouches (pre-orders go up tomorrow!)
  • Print pattern
  • Work on pattern testing for someone
  • Work on my own Essential Oil Pouch pattern! I hope to release mid next week!
  • Pull fabrics for sunglass cases (9)
  • Reply to PM's and emails
  • Balance our budget

That's all I can think of right now... I know I'm forgetting stuff, but as it is now I need to set my alarm early and work morning till night. It's going to be a long day...

On that note I'm going to bed. I need sleep. About 72 hours worth... lol! Have a great night!