My New Business Cards (and looking ahead to June!)

When Things are Busy, Don't Forget what *really* Matters...

Sometimes when life gets busy I tend to put on my blinders and only focus on what the biggest task is ahead of me, and I let smaller things slide, it's not a good thing to do so I am trying to change my 'evil ways' and focusing on finding that ever elusive thing called "balance".
It's not easy to find and I have a feeling that it will forever be a constant challenge for me, but all the same, I am trying. It's a huge part of why I'm cutting my customs way down as well. My customs have been closed for well over two months now, perhaps even getting closer to 3 months now and so far, things are still going quite well!
I've have more time for my kids, more time for myself, more time just to 'be'! I haven't had to be online *nearly* as much as I have to be when my customs are open and people are constantly 'pinging' me, and honestly it's really nice. Especially now that we're well into spring and heading into summer when we like to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather as much as possible!
Yesterday we went for a walk and ended up at the dollar store where I grabbed a handful of fun things for my World Vision sponsor kids. I have 2 now, a boy in Jerusalem and a girl in Cambodia. Being able to sponsor these kids and help to give them a better life means so much to me! Every month I pull the money from my income and tuck it aside first thing, because it's a priority to me.
I've decided that I want to start sending them both a small pkg each month as well so I'm going to plan something at the beginning of each month for them. The envelopes can take quite a while to arrive so if I start sending monthly without fail, I think they'll really enjoy receiving regular 'happy mail'. They postage alone costs anywhere from $2.50-$6.00 each to send, this month the postage is $6.00 on each envelope then the contents. I'd say probably upwards of $30.00 for both envelopes in total. Sometimes I'll send less, sometimes more, it all depends on what I find as we can't send anything bulky so that can make it a challenge.
I think next month I'm going to send some "Canada" themed items as they're quite abundant in the dollar stores right now with Canada Day being soon! By the way, you'd be hard pressed to find something in our dollar stores that actually cost a dollar!



For June I'm sending my girl "S" Barbie coloring stuff, a birthday card to colour, stickers and my boy "M", a cool dinosaur glow-in-the-dark model kit and some Spider-Man stickers and a painting book. I actually split up the pencil crayons between both envelopes, to keep the weight even etc. I hope he likes glitter pencil crayons too... lol!

On that note, I'm off for the day... it's gorgeous outside and the sun is calling me! Have a fabulous afternoon!!


What do you need to make more time for?