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Is there an easy way to switch email addresses?


I know with actual mail you can get Canada Post to fwd your mail to you after you move (which I'll be doing), but is there an easy way to fwd email onto a new email address? Or am I going to have to change my email in a million places? I guess that's one way to stop getting so much stupid junk mail and whatnot, but I think I'm going to end up missing out on emails as well...

We are switching internet providers, so I know without a shadow of a doubt I cannot carry over my current email when I move. I figure I should start switching things over now so hopefully I don't miss anything that I don't want to miss!

Any tips & tricks to make this easier?


My "sanity" plan for the next 5 weeks & 5 days...


I have a plan in place for the next 5 weeks and 5 days before we pack up our lives and head to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I will hopefully save my sanity. Or most of it... I'd be happy with most of it to be quite honest.

First, moving is REALLY HARD. I won't overly miss where I am so much, but I will very much so miss the people here. That's why we are renting in Nova Scotia for the first year - so we can see how things shape up, to see if we belong, to see if I miss my people too much, to see if I need to come back. I can't say 100% that we'll stay, but I can't say 100% that we'll come back either.

I'm keeping busy. Trying not to feel guilty about moving away from the people I love most, and trying to make the most of every minute here.

I'm sewing. I have my sewing orders flowing and although I should probably close sooner than later, I'm trying to save as much money as I possibly can in the next few weeks. With this move we will be losing a chunk of income, so it's definitely not a move for money, but one that has been calling to us. Money isn't everything is it? We can live on a tight budget, we've done it before and we can do it again.

So as long as I don't overload myself, I'm going to leave a few hours open every day to sew. The five Perfect Essential Oil Pouches above were made over the course of 2 days. Tomorrow I'll pkg them up & get them ready to go in the mail on my next Canada Post run.

On my order list tomorrow is a custom ordered NCW with lovely Tilda florals and natural cork. I have a couple on my list so I may work on both tomorrow honestly and see how much I can get done! I have a few orders on my list to complete over the weekend and next week along with a couple of customs "in progress".

We are also downsizing with our "stuff". We are actually moving into a bigger house with more space, however, a fresh start is always nice and moving halfway across the country is NOT cheap by any stretch of the imagination. So... we've hired a moving company and are "travelling light" in order to save money. We will have to rebuy some items, but I'm not above buying 2nd hand at all, so I hope to save money that way. I won't buy *everything* 2nd hand, but many things I will, which will save us money in the end.

We are not bringing any appliances, we're leaving behind most of our furniture, we've combed through every room tossing what we don't *LOVE*. My goal is to get rid of at least 50% of everything we own, at the very least.

So far we are doing quite well... this is what we dropped off at the local Goodwill today!






I'm going to try to sell some items as well like bookshelves, our Christmas tree, some adorable vintage Pyrex, etc... I've sold off a bunch of HS'ing books/curriculum and whatnot, bringing in a few hundred dollars, which is quite helpful right now! I did end up donating the rest of what didn't sell today however as I can only deal with so many "no shows" and people wasting my time before it's simply not worth it. I figured I made a nice little chunk of change and now it's time to move on to other things!




I'm making phone calls to get things disconnected and change our address, etc... for the record, I don't think I've *ever* dealt with anyone RUDER than the woman I managed to get when I called London Hydro... wow. I think I was pretty irked for the rest of the day after dealing with her!

I need to figure out things for the new house with getting everything connected and set up, but that's for another day. One thing at a time in the importance they demand.

Right now my biggest stressor is this pretty lady below...

She can't come with us on the train because the car she would have to go on isn't air conditioned so it's not safe for her. So I'm *trying* to find a safe and reliable way for her to get to Nova Scotia. I don't want to throw her on a plane in cargo (she's older and I think that would be sooo stressful for her, it makes me cry even thinking about it). I've posted a couple ads on websites where people take your pets to your location for you, and received 2 offers so far. One of them was very reasonable - $400 but they're leaving a month before we get out there, so that won't work. The other offer is $1500 to deliver her to us... *gulp* That's a lot of $$ and they have absolutely NO feedback on the website so it makes me nervous... *sigh*

So I'm searching and crossing my fingers that I can figure something out. I've had her for longer that I've had 2 of my kids, so tossing her aside is NOT an option. She is as much a part of our family as anyone else.

They say "where there's a will, there's a way", I'm going to hold onto that and pray something comes up for us here!

On that note.. my dinner is ready. Yes, I know it's almost midnight.. it's been a long day.

Back tomorrow....

Ps - thanks so much for the lovely comments on my news yesterday! Xox

Nova Scotia or Bust!!!


We're moving!!


Who: Myself, Dh, 3 youngest kids. My oldest is staying here... he's moving in with a friend. Child #2 will be applying to University in NS.

Where: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We found the sweetest house and we're going to be a mere 10 minute walk to the ocean!

When: Exactly 6 weeks to the day!! To say things are insane around here is a slight understatement!

Why: Because we need a change. For some reason I've always been obsessed with the ocean and the lifestyle out east. It calls to me... we want to "try" living out there and see if the lifestyle agrees with us.

What: Dh is having his job transferred and I can work from anywhere. It's going to be an adventure for all of us!

How: VIP+ Ocean VIA Rail train.


The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.