And the verdict is...
A long day and some new purple fabrics!

11 days...


Time is absolutely flying by... I've been keeping very busy to say the least! And today is proving to be another busy day as well! We're off to the Dr's shortly, then I need to run to Canada Post and we need to get downtown to drop off some forms for our address change and whatnot.

I've been sewing away and made 10 or 11 of these gorgeous NCW's above, and it's no word of a lie that each one sold within 5 minutes, or presold with a peek of the fabric I had chosen! I have one more to make this weekend that's already been presold as well! I have to say, it's definitely been worth keeping my sewing stuff out for an extra week and a half, the income I've earned has all been tucked into our savings account which will help purchase furniture etc... but the time has arrived and once my next NCW is complete I'm packing up until whenever the truck arrives in Cape Breton!

I think I've accomplished most of my 'moving list' now. I'm still getting rid of furniture, we need to pack more, I've changed my address with almost everyone, I've subscribed to "Mail Forward" with Canada Post, so on and so forth. Umm... things really are going well. It's just busy and there's always something else that needs done.

When I get home today I'm going to start packing up some of my sewing stuff I think. I'm still debating on which sewing project to leave out... I probably won't have much time to sew, but I find it relaxing so think that leaving out a hand stitching project would be ok! I may just leave out a pkg of hexie papers and a 5x5 charm pack and make lots of hexies then work on sewing them together for a project of some kind!

Ed's last day of work was last night and I can honestly say that he works with such wonderful people! I feel bad for moving away as he's worked with some of these people for 17 years and he's definitely made a lot of close friendships.

We received a huge gift basket full of goods from his co-workers that will come in so useful and honestly will save us a small fortune!! If you live in Canada you know just how much all this stuff costs... eek! So grateful for this! It makes my list of stuff to grab so much easier as this will be great for the train and when we arrive in Cape Breton!!




We also received a badminton set today, (which is going to be a blast!) and a 'goodbye' card that was filled in with such sweet (and funny) comments to Ed/us on our move along with a generous monetary gift. You can *definitely* tell which people he's really close with at work... hahaha!!

*sigh* Trying not to feel guilty again... I feel bad that we're moving away but i'm excited as well. It's hard.

I've been meaning to blog the last few days but by the time I sit down at night I'm 100% exhausted and literally just pass out on the couch till someone makes me go to bed... lol!

Well I should probably feed people before we have to get out of here, so I'm off!

Have a fabulous day!!