Weekly Goals Update!
Absolutely HORRID customer service!

16 days & 6 hours...


Just 16 days & 6 hours before we board the train for Nova Scotia! We leave on the 9th, very bright & early! We have to be fully packed by the 7th as our movers could show up either on the 7th or the 8th to pack our stuff on the truck. Which means we won't have beds to sleep on for a night or two. Then it could be another 10 business days before we receive our delivery in Nova Scotia, so it's going to prove very interesting to say the least for a couple of weeks! We're simply going to have to "make do or do without" as there's no other choice in the matter.

Now there are certain things that we simply can't be without... like coffee. Good coffee. Which is why I purchased this cute little Bodum French Press for my Kicking Horse organic & fair trade coffee. I can't realistically pack my big coffee maker and I obviously can't live without coffee for 2 weeks. So, this little guy will be coming with me on the train along with a tub of beans! I found this on Amazon for $20.00. It's funny 'cause they also had white & black, but those 2 colours were $32.00 but the red was $20.00. Go figure... red is cute though and will look adorable in my new teal kitchen!



Today I'm trying to figure out our budget for September but it's not the easiest thing to do when you're not sure how much income you'll have coming in. I do know how much our bills are going to be, and we do have savings in place but I'm hoping that we won't have to plow through them. We're going to have to stick to a very tight budget which is quite honestly why I'm still sewing this late into the game. Every penny I make right now is going straight into our moving fund which will help pay the bills and buy what we need!

We will need to purchase a lot of stuff when we arrive in Cape Breton (mostly furniture) which I know is going to take a big chunk of our savings unfortunately. Now until September is just going to be a total write off. We have far too much money going out right now to bother with a budget. Basically I'm only buying what we absolutely *need*. The only "discretionary" spending I'm doing is $5 here & there for Mya to go swimming with her friends.

I did just order the girls their new beds which were on sale for 51% off from Wayfair. I've never ordered from them before, but they have great reviews and I really like the simple look of these beds. Very clean and simple! The girls hate their bed now because it's so noisy every time they roll over in bed it makes noise (metal day bed & trundle) and they've been begging for new beds for months and months. In a few weeks, they'll have them!

The beds are supposed to arrive in Cape Breton on the 10th (same day we arrive) but it's too bad we won't have the mattresses for them right away... hahaha! They'll be on the truck along with our mattress. The only mattress we're not taking with us is Child #2's as it's old, well used and really needs replaced. So that'll be the only mattress I'll need to buy at least.



We won't be purchasing everything new, but some things for sure, so I'll save money here and there where I can. Living room furniture & mattress will be new, hoping to find the rest used if at all possible! I'm bringing our dining room table set with us 'cause I love it, I'm bringing the girls dresser, mattresses & bookshelf with us. So along with these beds, they'll be set.

I'm going to have to set a budget along with a list of everything we'll need to purchase, but I simply don't have the energy to do that quite yet. I need to do this for every room of the house, it won't be pretty. It's on my never ending to do list... maybe this week.

Looking forward to the week ahead I have a list of things that I definitely need to accomplish!

  • Complete NCW for local pick up
  • Complete chapstick keyfob for local pick up
  • Mark down items in RTS albums and hope to sell more!
  • Fill in gvmt forms and drop off downtown
  • Drs appt for child #2 & Dh prescriptions which we can hopefully fill a few before we leave
  • Find life ins forms and change address
  • Get Dh to call Rogers to cancel home security system
  • Get Dh to change our address on credit cards
  • Set up time to meet my "cat person" so she can meet my cat, whom I'm almost sure won't like her because my cat hardly likes anyone, but she'll have to behave all the same so we can get her to Nova Scotia! lol!
  • Pack more stuff! We need to really get as close to living with the "bare bones" as possible!
  • Canada Post run to mail pkg'es
  • Change address with Canada Post (mail forward)
  • Hopefully find some time to make a few more NCW's to list. I'm almost out of interfacing and a chunk of my sewing stuff is packed away, so I'll be lucky to get 2 more made probably.
  • Haircut for child #2
  • Chapters & lunch out for the kids
  • Water test on new Instant Pot just to be sure it works before we move and don't have to exchange it
  • WalMart order for housewares we'll need when we arrive in NS. I'm having it sent to a friend and she'll get our keys and drop it all off at the house for us.
  • Call Diabetes association to arrange furniture donations pick up
  • Make Mya's friends pencil cases as a going away gift from Mya. I'll get Mya to choose fabrics and help then she can gift them before we leave.

Hmmm... I think perhaps this is it for the week? I'm sure more will pop up but at least I have an idea of what I need to accomplish this week!

On that note I'm off... I need to flip the laundry and i'm going to go sit outside for a while to soak up the sun before it sets! Have a great night!