Goals: July 17th - 23rd
Sale on all my RTS cork items!!

21 Days...


I just finished that pretty cork Slimline Wallet above tonight... that means I have just 2 custom orders left on my list!

  • Cork NCW (Necessary Clutch Wallet)
  • Chapstick lanyard

And that's it! Absolutely everything has been crossed off of my sewing list! Which means I'm going to pack up my sewing area for probably a solid 6 weeks. *sigh* However, I need the break desperately and I think that I'll come back nice & refreshed with ideas & inspiration bursting at the seams for the fall & holiday season! I plan to open up with new RTS items, new custom posts, new lower pricing! Good things!!


We are now at just 21 days until we move and it seems like every day there is more to do! Off of the top of my head we need to get the following crossed off my list sooner than later!

  1. Sell our gas lawnmower. We're going to buy a manual push mower next year.
  2. Sell 2 daybeds. One in white, one in black.
  3. Sell 2 more bookshelves. 2 are being picked up soon!
  4. Sell coffee table. Maybe 2.
  5. Sell dresser. Maybe 2.
  6. Get downtown to hand in forms changing over our info from Ontario to Nova Scotia with the gvmt.
  7. Pick up glasses.
  8. Fill prescriptions.
  9. Dr's appt for Dh and child #2.
  10. Order girls new beds & arrange for delivery in NS.
  11. Order immediate needs from WalMart to be delivered to Nova Scotia so when we arrive we at least have the "basics" until the truck arrives with all of our worldly belongings.
  12. Change address with life insurance company/bank/credit card company etc...
  13. Try to sell off as much as my RTS items (ready to ship) as I can!
  14. Hopefully find new Dr in NS. I have a friend helping me with everything that needs done over there, which has been a Godsend, truly.
  15. Continue packing/tossing/donating.
  16. Pack up entire sewing area.
  17. Order cat carrier.
  18. Meet up with woman who is going to bring our cat to Cape Breton with her via Air Canada! (So grateful to her for doing this for us!)
  19. Figure out what to pack as checked luggage on the train.
  20. Plan menu for the train. Child #2 & I have food allergies so need to pack food for the 2 days on the train. We also want to pack snacks for everyone, etc... when we board the Ocean Train we're in VIP+ so we'll have the dining car, etc... however, only 3 of 5 of us can eat on the train. So, we need to figure this out!
  21. Buy a bin and packing peanuts (or something?) so I can carefully pack my grandpa's model ship. It's huge and *NOTHING* can happen to it, it's irreplaceable. Suggestions perhaps?
  22. Send everyone our new address. I ordered new address labels tonight which will make it easier as I'll share some of the labels & send some to our homestay girls in Japan as well. We still keep in touch with all 3 of them, so I want them to have our new address.
  23. Change our address with Canada Post for "Mail Forward".
  24. Cancel home security system with Rogers.
  25. Haircuts for myself and the kids.
  26. Purchase organic "calming" cat 'treats' for the plane trip.
  27. Arrange cat pick up time with my mom for the day before we leave. My poor girl, she's going to be so stressed, I really hope she does ok! I feel so guilty... but I'm so glad we're able to get her to our new home with us!
  28. Get to the bank to grab some cash for our trip.
  29. Slow WAY down on grocery shopping. Meals are going to be quite interesting from here on in but we need to try to eat what's in our deep freezer before we leave! Anything left I'll give to Dallas to take with him.
  30. Write "budget" for September - it's going to be a "rough estimate" budget, but at least then I have some idea of what I'm working with. There are different variables bouncing around obviously, so it's a huge mess right now to be quite honest. But come September, I need to get on track and watch our budget carefully!

And that's all I can think of off the top of my head... no wonder I haven't been sleeping well! I am so overloaded right now, everything is quite overwhelming and stressful. I'm trying to "chill out", but chilling out really isn't me unfortunately. So I'll keep ticking things off of my list until they're all done and I can breathe a HUGE sigh of relief!

On that note I'm off... thanks for peeking in! Enjoy your evening!