11 days...
Stressed out & Sleep deprived...

A long day and some new purple fabrics!

Let it be known that I am only letting myself buy purple fabrics. My stash has completely used up pretty much every single purple fabric, and with my business, I can't have that!

Tonight I received an email from FabricSpark and saw some new pretties that were PURPLE!! So I grabbed a few of the new purple prints and some other purples I found on the site... I sold a handful of patterns on my Craftsy site over the last week so had enough in my Paypal account to cover this order thankfully!

I'm having it shipped to a friend in Cape Breton who will babysit it for me.. she doesn't sew (yet) so I'm safe.. haha!



I've been out all day running around and just got in about an hour ago, it's a been such a long day and I can barely keep my eyes open truthfully! I don't remember the last time I got a FULL nights sleep.

Anyways, so I got in, made dinner, threw on some laundry and now I'm doing some online orders that need to be crossed off my list. So I'm going to sit and enjoy a coffee while I do it!

My Walmart order is going to be massive as I need all household stuff for the new house. We are literally starting over again with everything, so it's going to be a hefty order. But I need to pull the trigger, click "place order" and rebalance our budget. Again.

Sooo much money going out lately... it's quite painful.

Onwards, we're still trying to eat through the freezer and that seems to be going well. Anything left though I'm sending with Dallas. I can pack the pantry stuff if it's sealed, but other than that, Dallas can take whatever. He's downstairs packing now as he's decided it's "time" since he's moving out tomorrow! LOL! What a kid... he hasn't done a thing yet, he'll need to change his address, pack, declutter, etc... ah well, live & learn.

We pulled 3 bookshelves out to the curb last night and I posted them on Kijiji for free pick up, all 3 are now gone! The lady who picked up 2 saw my JUKI in the window and asked if I was selling it too... "BACK OFF DEVIL WOMAN!!!" Hahahaha!!

Tomorrow I'm going to put out Mya's desk for free pick up, I'll keep Maria's for a bit longer as she uses hers all the time still. I still have to get rid of the following:

  • Couch
  • Loveseat
  • 2 Dressers
  • 2 daybeds
  • 2 coffee tables
  • And whatever Dallas leaves behind... *sigh*

Serenity now. On that note I'm off for the night... I'd better place that WalMart order before I don't. Again. LoL!!


Enjoy your evening!