Dear Diary...
Saving $$$ where I can...

A very productive day...


Today has been a very good day! Here's what I accomplished today...

  • Finished a custom NCW, snapped pics and posted on IG and FB.
  • Sold my vintage Pyrex. It was paid for and picked up today! A woman I know from online/sewing purchased it and we were able to have a nice little chat! She was the sweetest and so easy to chat with! It's so funny to hear that I have "fan-girls"! LoL!! The funds went right to my savings account and will be used to purchase new dishes & glassware when we get to Cape Breton! (Thank-you!!)
  • Started and completed 2 Slimline Cork Wallets, snapped photos and added them to my RTS album.
  • Cleared off my sewing wall (mini quilts, etc) and packed away the knick knacks on my sewing desk. Except my smallest Danbo as he's coming with me on the train! I have a feeling he's going to like our adventure and he'll be helping me document our trip!
  • Sorted through my personal books and packed a box full. I'll have a small box of sewing books and patterns to pack up then I'm done. I have a small pile of books. that are being donated on Saturday as well.
  • Cleaned the kitchen - not that you can tell now, but it was clean.
  • Ditto for the living room. *sigh*
  • Sold 2 of my RTS Essential Oil Pouches. Money has been tucked away and will be used for groceries.
  • Called London Hydro to get a credit reference letter so I could fwd it to NS Power. Thankfully the woman who answered the phone today for London Hydro was as sweet as honey so it was an easy and pleasant phone call.
  • Balanced the budget and topped up our savings account! Trying to keep our spending *minimal*, I even cancelled an order that I placed for a pricey travel bag and am putting off my planner until Fall. I'll watch for sales, as I definitely still want a "Day Designer", but I'll wait on it for now.
  • Made a couple of pattern sales of my Craftsy patterns which bumped up my PayPal account with enough funds to cover 2 bolts of Pellon interfacings I ordered. Yay!! They're quite expensive, and I want to have completely full bolts to start with when I reopen my customs after the move. I'm at the end of my bolts now, but I should have enough for the next couple of weeks at least! The new bolts will get packed & shipped.
  • Called a furniture shop in Cape Breton to find out pricing on a living room furniture set I'm currently in love with... it's brand new from Ashley Furniture and my little heart is totally lusting after this dreamy blue set... *sigh* I don't know if we'll end up with however as it's not released quite yet, so he doesn't have it in his shop. It takes about 3 weeks to get it in he said, but I'm not sure if I want to be without furniture for a month'ish... I may not be quite that adventurous. lol!!

And now it's time for me to eat some dinner, I need to get Miss Mya in the house for a bubble bath (she's literally out morning till night, only coming in for meals/drinks) and I think we're going to watch a few episodes "Flea Market Flip"!

On that note I'm off... hope everyone had a fabulous day!