16 days & 6 hours...
And the verdict is...

Absolutely HORRID customer service!


I am having the absolute WORST luck with an eyewear company whom shall remain unnamed until this afternoon. This is their last chance to make things right and if they don't make things right for me I'm going to lose my cool with them.

We purchased a pair of eyeglasses from Store A, they ended up not working for child #2 at all. We told them in the store they felt horrible, lines through the center, couldn't walk without tripping etc... well we were told to take them home for a few days.

After asking IF they didn't work could we be refunded if it came down to that, and were told "yes". Ok, home we go.

Nausea and severe headaches were brought on after wearing several days at home they were obviously not going to work whatsoever. And no, it wasn't from the *very slight* prescription change. We went back to our Dr's for a 2nd opinion and our optometrist from Store B said that wasn't really possible with that much of a small change. The optometrist said perfectly round frames are a no with severity of the astigmatism we're dealing with because the *slight* twist in the lens can throw everything off. While cleaning or just from general every day use it can happen. We were also told that we weren't given "high index" lenses, nor we were given the choice.

When I called the store to ask how much high index lenses were and why were weren't given a choice I was told that they "were WAY more money!".

We went back to Store A to ask for a refund and told them what our Optometrist said. Well the man working literally laughed and rolled his eyes at us and refused a refund. Said "we don't give back money, we fix problems". After making us feel like complete morons and bascially saying that our dr was an idiot (She most definitely IS NOT!) we were made to choose a 2nd pair of glasses. Child #2 chose a pair that were "ok" and asked for them in tortoise shell.

I also asked about high index lenses, and asked how much more they were... "Oh, $20 or $30". Ummm... when I'm dropping $500 on glasses do they really consider another $20 or $30 "WAY MORE". Unbelievable.

Fast forward to yesterday, we get a phone call saying that the frames are in, but oh wait, no they're not. The frames we wanted are back ordered. SO he went ahead and ordered in 2 other frames instead. WTH!?!? We don't want 2 other frames, these ones are hardly wanted!!! We move in 2 weeks and I am absolutely out of time to keep running back & forth across the city to deal with this mess.

I'm soo sick of dealing with this store, so we're going in today to look at the frames but I'm honestly at wit's end and I think it's a total load of BS that they won't refund. The owner is away until mid-August and they're telling me he's the ONLY one who can refund and they have NO WAY to get ahold of him and he probably "won't even check his email."

But they can surely take our money easily enough! I'm not leaving the store today until we're 100% happy and if I have to have a fit to get a refund, well, I'm ready. There are no other frames in the store that appealed to child #2, and I'm sure as hell not going to "settle" when I'm dropping $500 on a pair of glasses! Unbelievable.

Wish me luck today, I have a feeling I'm going to need it, but there is no way I'm eating $500.00 and walking home with a pair of glasses that don't work or my kid hates.

On that note, I'm off... I shall return later with a verdict!