Absolutely HORRID customer service!
11 days...

And the verdict is...


Refunded in full! I'll never do business here again. Even if I weren't moving half-way across the country I still wouldn't deal with them again though.

We went in to find a pair of frames we did not ok and did not order. They were downright ugly and right away child #2 was like "I don't like them at all, I'd never choose that colour", which I know is true cause plummy poopy rusty brown just isn't a colour that is ever chosen by this kid.

The woman tries to tell us that "well, you won't know that you don't like them if you don't try them on!" Excuse me? Pretty sure a grown adult KNOWS whether they like something when they look at it, period. I looked at her a little dumb founded after this... lol!

At this point I simply say, "Honestly, I'm over dealing with this and I am out of time, I'd like a refund NOW."

Refund was given! Lo & behold the man we were dealing with who "couldn't get ahold of his boss and his boss wouldn't check in until mid August" suddenly materialized and ok'ed a refund. Exactly. This guy was simply giving us the runaround.

Now the owner of this store is actually a *VERY* nice man, so I hesitate to name his company as we have dealt with him personally before and he was very kind & pleasant, but this guy who was working this time was a total condescending prick.

One bad apple can indeed spoil the bunch.

On that note, I have lots of stuff to accomplish after being out all afternoon! So I'm off! Enjoy your day!