5 Good Things...
A very productive day...

Dear Diary...

Apparently I have a bad attitude.

I managed to get myself banned from a FB group today. This morning I posted a few books for sale in a used HS'ing curriculum group and simply said "Please do not ask me to hold these books if you do not intend to pick up. Please do not waste my time!" I've had a handful of flakes who miss pick-ups and even the owner of the group stood me up a few times, so I guess I hit a nerve when I posted that! LOL!! She quickly deleted my post and banned me. When I msg'ed her to ask if I was honestly banned for asking people not to waste my time I was told "My attitude does not align with the spirit of the group" and to "not contact her again".

I'm just sooo very tired of people wasting my time and I really and truly don't have time to be sitting around at home and rearranging my schedule over and over again for people to stand me up! I don't understand why people can't just be considerate. I know things come up, they do for me too!! So at least shoot me a quick msg letting me know so I'm not sitting around waiting for you! It's 30 seconds of your time and it's much appreciated! Am I right!?



Some people are apparently *very* sensitive... All the same, I sold all the books I had listed anyways in a matter of minutes! $20.00 in my pocket, thank-you very much! I don't need the group now anyways, so no love lost I'm sure.

As expected, today was another busy day, morning till night. Besides my "bad attitude" I ended selling those books and a cubed bookshelf for $20.00 as well. My Pyrex has sold & and is being picked up tomorrow morning! I listed 2 more bookshelves on FB today and have maybe 3 more to snap pics of and list along with a coffee table, 2 daybed frames and probably other stuff I can't remember right now.

Truth be told we're still working... I just cleaned the kitchen, but the table is still a mess, it's garbage night so we're gathering all the garbage and hoping to put out a few extra 'items' if needed as well. Once we're done tidying up and whatnot I'm going to make coffee and we're going to hook up the WiiU to play some Karaoke! Kinda feel bad for our neighbors... haha!!

I have a million things on my "to do" list and they're slowly getting checked off one by one. Yesterday I spent a chunk of my day on the phone setting things up in Nova Scotia. I called NS Power to set that up, and the woman on the phone was soo pleasant, it was a much nicer experience than my phone call with London Hydro the other, whom I have to call AGAIN tomorrow. *sigh* If I get someone snotty this time I'm going right to her manager though.

I also set up our home phone, internet & cable services and got a fabuous deal from Eastlink for the first year of our services! Dh still has to figure out who he wants to go with for his cell phone, but I'm hoping he goes with Eastlink so we can just bundle and save a few more $$$.

On an brighter note, I received these 2 books on my wishlist from my *Fairy Godmother*!! Eep! I'm soo thankful & excited to read them!! It's taking my all not to crack them open for a peek! But I'm tucking them away until we move! We're going to spend 2 days on the train, so some new readings material will be a fabulous treat! *More on our train trip soon....




Well on that note, I'm off to get stuff done and enjoy the rest of my night! Hope everyone had fabulous day!!