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Goals: July 17th - 23rd


I have another busy week ahead so I'm going to make a list of goals and see what I accomplish!

  1. Get new $500.00 glasses fixed! First we're heading to our eye Dr's for a 2nd opinion on glasses/lenses, then back to store where we purchased glasses to get them fixed. We may just keep the frames and ask for a refund on the lenses as they're so thick! They didn't give us high index lenses and it makes a big difference. Anyway, something is not right with them as they shouldn't be causing migraines & nausea. Something is definitely 'off' and I'm running out of time to deal with it.
  2. Fill in papers changing address & whatnot from Ontario to Nova Scotia and bring them downtown to get them in process.
  3. Finish the rest of my custom orders. Ideally they'll be done by Friday, realistically by Sunday evening. Thankfully nobody is in a huge rush so my customers are being very patient for me!
  4. Mail out all RTS envelopes. I've been discounting my RTS (Ready to Ship) items and they're selling quite well! As they're paid for I want to get them in the mail, quickly! I need to buy a couple books of stamps so I can get them out as soon as they're paid for!
  5. Use up as many freezer foods as possible! Anything we don't use I'm giving away, so hopefully we can get through everything before we move!
  6. Order girls new beds and *perhaps* matching night table. I found beds for the girls I really like and they're on sale so I want to get them ordered and on the way to NS! This is the only furniture I think I'm going to order ahead of time as I'm hoping to find some items used and need to see how much room we're working with before I purchase anything else.
  7. Change my address with my bank, life insurance company & whoever else I need to but can't remember at this moment.
  8. Do more packing! We have quite a bit done, and honestly I'm not sure how much more we can do at this point, but we need to keep up the momentum! It's much easier to keep the house clean when stuff is packed too I might add! I'm aiming for 10 more boxes filled & packed this week!
  9. Bump up all my ads for bookshelves, etc.. and post more items for sale. I need to list 2 daybeds for sale this week and hope they sell quickly!
  10. Order new address labels from VistaPrint. I want to send some to our homestay girls in Japan to use - they make my life much easier. Another thing is that I literally *just* ordered a bunch (1000!) of gorgeous new business cards which will have my old email on them *sigh*. However, I've decided I'm not going to waste them, so I'll simply write my new email on the backs of the cards. I would think *most* people wouldn't be turned off by that. And if they are, so be it, but I'd rather not throw almost 1000 brand new business cards into my recycling bin. Waste of resources and money.
  11. Do something fun with the kids. It's been absolutely hectic, but I want to make time to do something that is non-moving related with the kids. I'm not sure what exactly that'll be yet, but I'll figure it out!

I think this is more than enough for the week ahead... wish me luck!