Happy Homemaker Monday!
W.I.P Wednesday...

Making money, spending money...

I turned this pile of fabric scraps...
Into this!! A brand new "Instant Pot"! I've been lusting after one of these for the last bit while one of my friends on FB keeps showing me how awesome it is!! Today it went on sale for half price ($99.00 instead of $199.99!) at Best Buy (and Amazon for Prime members, which I'm not) so I sold off a big fat pile of fabric scraps and with the money I earned this morning I turned around and bought myself an Instant Pot for the new house! Once we get it in the mail I'll give it the once over, then I'm leaving it packed up till we're all moved & settled.

I had intended on buying one after the move, but since I could save $100 by purchasing today, I decided that today was as good a day as any!

We'll be donating our crockpot, rice cooker, dutch oven, flat grill, electric frying pan!

This *Instant Pot* really looks amazing and I'm really excited to start using it! I don't think I'll regret this purchase.... now, no more 'stuff' for me! I only let myself purchase this because a) I earned the extra money and b) I was going to buy it in the fall anyways, but at double the price!


Do you have an *Instant Pot*?

What's your favourite kitchen appliance?