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July 2nd...



We've had a lot of humidity and storms here over the last few weeks, and it's calling for rain and storms all day. With it being Canada Day today I'm hoping that the storms hold off so I can take the kids downtown to see fireworks tonight! We'd be going later, so with any luck if it does storm, it won't cancel the fireworks. I'm assuming since it's Canada's 150th birthday the fireworks tonight are going to be absolutely amazing and I would love to see them in person!

This afternoon my mom & sister are popping over for a visit so I'm not going to schedule in any sewing at all today. At least not custom work, but I do need to pull a few fabric combos, but other than that, I think I'll give myself a break today from sewing as my wrists have been sore and I could use a day or two off!

I should probably do some housework this morning, organizing and tidying around all the cardboard boxes we have in the kitchen anyways, and I need to go through the big sewing bin that I keep under my desk and decide what to do with everything in it. Keep, toss or sell! Maybe I'll find something pretty for a blog giveaway?

I know that I have some larger cuts of fabric I purchased in that bin to make quilts (maybe this winter?) and I should take inventory of what I have, because I'm not entirely sure what I have tucked away in that bin! But I need to clear it out so I can use it for packing stuff up when we move!

My husbands 48th birthday is Sunday, but naturally he works, so he'll need to sleep during the day and off to work in the evening. I'm going to make BBQ ribs for dinner and we will bake a cake during the day for him! Other than this, birthdays are pretty laid back here

Our weekend looks to be nice & relaxed from this point... hoping it stays this way!

Have a wonderful Canada Day weekend!!